Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation [APSRTC]bus travelling back to previous station due to negligence of bus driver

Service no -APSRTC. Journey: YEMMIGANUR-HYDERABAD MGBS Service No: 6478 Driver: P Y PRASAD Contact No.: [protected] . Bus started from adoni and reached yemmiganur at 11.49pm. Already bus is late by 20 mins, bus driver due to his negligence left one passenger who was supposed to start from adoni. After reaching yemmiganur, due to the passenger shouting on phone, the driver has again returned the bus from yemmiganur to adoni back..This is purely high negligence of the driver...This is happened on 28 of August 2018..Need proper explanation for this..Due to his negligence all the passengers has to suffer..Need to take proper corrective action on this.

Aug 28, 2018

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