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There are many complaints regarding and they are all valid as far as I am concerned. They attempted to use my credit card and extend my membership even though they had been instructed not to. They do this because as most people who have even had a membership with Ancestry will tell you they don't have any information other web sites don't have and the other web sites are free or at least won't take it apon themselves to extend a membership. If you ever do a search on Ancestry you will see that most of their information is taken from Census reports that are available everywhere. That's why they extend your membership, they hope you won't notice and they have such a dramatic fall out rate that they try to swindle people. Do not under any circumstances give them your credit card number unless you have a credit card company that believes you and not them. The credit card companies want that money too. Ancestry will take you to the cleaners if you allow them to.

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  • Va
      20th of Oct, 2008
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    Ancestrys - False Credit Card Charge
    United States

    I just found a charge for $109.95 from this company on a rarely used card I have. Fortunately I caught it right away, called my CC issuer, USAA, and they canceled charge and issued a new card.

    I found several old complaints on this site -- just need to update as they are still at it!

  • T4
      8th of Sep, 2009
    -3 Votes

    When I signed up, I realized that I had opted in for automatic renewel (not my intention) using an inactive. Upon contacting, they were able to confirm that I had not logged in at all (probably a missing point in a lot of these negative posts about Ancestry) and they reversed the charges immediately. I have nothing but great things to say about the stellar service Ancestry provides!

  • Ge
      25th of Feb, 2011
    -3 Votes

    Yes, accounts almost always automatically renew (read the terms and conditions before you agree to them). You should have received an email about it before it renewed. However, as t4me observed, customer service seems to be decent about it if you honestly didn't realize it was going to and they can see that you haven't logged in recently. For the record, here's a site with a couple good explanations on how to avoid issues with (unofficial of course, so you get the truth):

    Also, you seem to think that doesn't have many records. In fact, they have the most extensive online database for genealogy records in the world. It's true that their are some records you can find on other sites for free, but most of them you can't. If you ever resubscribe to, I recommend the Card Catalog for finding the elusive record databases. See a tutorial at

  • Ca
      9th of Aug, 2011
    -4 Votes Membership - subscription
    United States

    I was suprised to find that I had been charged for a Delux membership. I had investigated the site to find cost etc but never once thought that I had subscribed. For me personally, it is an enormous amount to pay for something as unimportant to me. Have I no recourse, what does the consumer act say about such cases?

  • Ge
      3rd of Sep, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Sony Vega is right. If you enter the credit card number and proceed (which explicitly says that you agree to the terms and conditions... small print), then there isn't much you can do. Legally, you agreed to have them charge you. This includes the free trial after the trial period (14 days) ends -- unless you cancel during the trial period. If you catch it within a few days, many times the customer service can reverse the charges, but if you wait too long, then it's often too bad for you. Of course, it's always better to call in and explain that you really didn't intend to subscribe and hope that they side with you. The ball is in their court legally, but sometimes they recognize an honest mistake and are nice about it.

  • Ls
      29th of Oct, 2012
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    I purchased a 1 month trial of while doing family history last April 2012. I finished most of it the end of the same month. So I cancelled the subscription so they would not charge me more. I though that was the end of it. I then look in August 2012 and see a strange deduction on my bank statement.

    I only have Netflix take money out monthly, so I logged into my paypal account. It was again!!! I quickly cancelled the membership again, and was informed I was "not eligible for a refund" so I let it go. Then the next month, I get charged again! Now this month again! Turns out they have been using my paypal for the last six months, and 160 dollars without my knowledge.

    Not only that, but no email notifications of these withdrawals (and all mine withdrawals get an email) were ever sent to my email account. I have now cancelled 3 times, with the same "no refund" statement when I have not used any forms or service since April. They refuse to allow you to write formal email, and will not respond properly. Beware of this supposed guaranteed service, they rob you blind and not even tell you.

  • Rg
      20th of Dec, 2014
    0 Votes's information is highly inaccurate and changes like the wind. They claim the changes are to improve the service but the changes are really just an effort to correct the mistakes others are accusing them of. For example, my paternal aunt and I do not share searches or matches even though we are absolutely matches in regard to dna. In addition, my email was out of service for three months and the company will not refund money for a lack of service. I was writing for months to others in vain because the matches never got my messages. The problem is still not fixed as they continue to charge my account.
    I am a very dissatisfied customer. Never found a true confirmed match until I went to FTDNA.GET YOU ACT TOGETHER ANCESTRY.COM.

  • Ni
      12th of May, 2015
    -1 Votes

    I logged on to ancestry in February 2013 because of an email ad offering a 14-day free trial. A customer service person at ancestry just confirmed that the one and only time I logged on to my account was February 6, 2013. Since then I have had five charges, beginning 2/23/13, every six months. They started out at $77.70 and grew to $99. Shame on me for not monitoring my small checking account that I use for online purchases. (You can tell I don't purchase much online.) Today (May 12, 2015) I was given a refund of the February 2015 charge ($99), but there were no other concessions. How about some banked time in the future? Not when getting a refund. How can a company in good conscience take and keep your money like that?
    When you call ancestry, ask them when you logged on. They can tell.

  • Do
      14th of May, 2015
    -3 Votes

    Prior to submitting DNA, we are assured by that our information will be private and secure with no release of our personal contact information. However, they recently allowed the police to go on a fishing expedition to find a familial match to a suspect, releasing all private information without a court order to do so. Only after receiving this information did police secure a court order for DNA testing of a familial match to one of the participants relatives. DNA did not match the suspect.. However, law enforcement is increasingly using Rapid-DNA analyzers where multiple people have touched a surface. The quality of this DNA is suspect, yet it could still end up in a database. Who knows what "Big Brother" issues may arise in the future for those who have entrusted their DNA analysis with

  • Ni
      30th of Dec, 2015
    -3 Votes


  • Pe
      14th of Mar, 2016
    -3 Votes

    Ancestry is a bogus science rip off who act like a one arm bandit slot machine demanding you keep feeding them money. My kids have independently submitted tests and the inconsistencies are ridiculous. I have traced my lineage back to the 1500's (Welsh and English) yet supposedly I am Irish and Scandinavian, I guess the Vikings were pretty prolific pillagers back in the day. I really dislike the coin operated just pay a bit more to get more come-ons they constantly put out with minimal actual results, just a bunch of marketing hyperbole. What else can you expect from a bogus religion who present themselves as legit.
    Don't fall for their scam save your money.

  • Ut
      6th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    I tried to cancel my guest account but this is impossible. Very chip trick! is chip, lying, low profile money sucking “company”. I tried to call but there is answering “too many calls”. Sure! The website doesn’t give any option to cancel account. There is no option at all. All they need to suck your money and no escape. I will do everything possible on all websites to tell about my experience.

  • Mr
      10th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    Just had a charge on my card that I had canceled the subscription for, no refund even though I caught the charge just minutes after it was charged!! Scam is a correct term to use when it comes to their billing, I had my DNA done and others in the family also want to do it but I tell them do not use Ancestry!!

  • Ia
      16th of Jun, 2016
    -1 Votes DNA service.
    Whatever you do, don't link your specimen up with anyone in your tree. All they will do is fabricate a dna report based on the people on your tree. I got a report back that was as phony as the day is long. The one thing my tree doesn't have in it is the fact that my mother is a child of an affair. Nothing on my tree would tell you that. They missed half of her identity, which tells me they never ran the dna in the first place.
    So, be forewarned, they will resort to saving money the easy way.

  • Ku
      2nd of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes - Everything they offer you can find elsewhere, for free or much cheaper
    United States

    Total rip-off. Everything they offer you can find elsewhere, for free or much cheaper. Customer service? Don't even bother. Doesn't exist. Don't waste your money.

  • Su
      2nd of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    I've said it a thousand times... and I guess I'll end up saying it another thousand times. If you pay for anything on the internet, you are wasting your money. You pay for the ISP... nothing more. Everything else is free or pirated (also free).

  • De
      2nd of Aug, 2016
    -2 Votes - not what advertised
    2302 Cherry St
    United States
    Phone: 6016310624

    This is not a governmental of any kind and it is not a geneological site like and it leads you to believe that it is just to get your money. You cannot do address searches like it advertised for ancestors. This is People seach and they are worthless! I want my money back now and they should not be allowed to charge my card.

  • Ga
      20th of Sep, 2016
    0 Votes

    i have proof its a scam, i am the proof.
    Current name as of the age of 1yrs old : Gary Wilburn, half adopted by Gary Anthony Wilburn.

    biological father: Michael Madl
    Birth name Michael Madl

    Biological father was adopted, by Charles Madl.

    Neither Charles Madl nor Michael Madl Exist according to

    according to i am the biological son of Gary Anthony Wilburn.
    which im not, though i wish i was.

    answer: is bs. it goes off of Legal Documents... what does this mean?

    it means if you are Adopted, or half-adopted, they don't have access to the real biological records.

    however, i do have a clue... using facial recognition software i found an unidentified man in the german archives from 1931 that looks identical to me.
    for it to be viewable you do have to download and enlarge the picture., _Riesen-Alluminium-Schale.jpg#filehistory

    now, how do you dna test a dude from a 1931 picture? you don't

  • Ga
      20th of Sep, 2016
    0 Votes

    clicked neutral, forgot to agree, so here is the agree vote. (not a double post, this is just to confirm the vote.)

  • Ga
      20th of Sep, 2016
    Best Best Advice +4 Votes

    I am the proof is Fake.

    Current name: Gary Wilburn (as of 1years old) - I was half-adopted by Gary Anthony Wilburn.
    My birthname: Michael Madl - My Biological father's name: Michael Madl
    According to i am the biological son of Gary Anthony Wilburn. which i am not though i wish i was.
    Michael was adopted by Charles Madl. Neither Michael or Charles exist on
    What does this mean?
    IT MEANS ANCESTRY.COM GOES OFF OF LEGAL RECORDS. NOT ACTUAL. Since Cannot, nor does it have the power to Find out who was adopted by who... it will only present legal documents. So apparently, its stuff you can look up anyways! (public records.)

    It has NOTHING to do with GENEOLOGY. period. only Man's Statement on a Contract. PERIOD.
    that said we can alter our own "ancestry" by altering "contracts" (adoption)
    What does this mean for those who were adopted? You are F'd buddy, sorry, you will have to use a reverse image search and find some dead people who look like you then go DNA test their living relatives. thats your ONLY bet.

    so this is proof that LINEAGE is alterable (gee this sounds like Game of Thrones.)
    so here is a pic of some guy form 1931 who looks identical to me, he's even wearing boots (I always wear boots...) its rather creepy. this image (for those that know me) is only viewable when enlarged to full screen.

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