Ancestrydna testing

As a family project, my children and I purchased DNA test kits from I am fortunate enough to know my genealogy and detailed records recording where my family is from; however, I went along with the testing so we could create a family tree and research possible relatives using the company's app. When the test results were returned, it showed my children were all related, but I was not. Having carried them all during pregnancy and birthing all three, I am confident we are related.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Lehi, UTWe all had a good laugh at my results and knew they were clearly wrong. I contacted to tell them about the error, but instead of offering to do a new test, the representative on the phone argued with me and told me the results were correct and the lab never makes an error. When I asked how it was possible for my children not to be related, she indicated we were not doing something correctly in the system. The customer service is terrible and It seems like this whole thing is a scam; simply a way to rip people off. There are no checks on accuracy within the lab, so I am not sure any of the results are trustworthy.

May 18, 2017

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