Amunlockers.comhe is a cheater

S Nov 28, 2017

This website promises you a great experience! In reality they are a nightmare. They have banned my account and stolen 500 dollars from me. At first i was good wit the store credit, but then after a while i noticed that none of the services they offer really work! Except for like the 1.59 checker services. So after much discussion with Anubhav Malik @ Amunlockers i He cdiscovered that he was lying about the whole situation. He led me to beleive that the service was cheaper so he could get the money, and then come to find out they service was down, and had been for a while. He didnt state that! He told me go ahead and load the money up and submit. Then he tried to tell me that they all had previous unlock attempts, and he could not do it. Then he said service was down. This guy claims to have 1500 happy customers yet ALEXA says he gets less the 2.6 visitors a day. He is a liar and a cheater. Once i find out which websites he is working with building websites, and coding then i will really leave a bunch of bad reviews for him. He likes to steal so i will try to destroy his reputation.

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