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Amtrak / terrible experience

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Hello to anyone that cares. First of all this was my first ride on the train going to New York (Manhattan), I truly enjoyed the ride going even though it was 18 hours, no problem at all. From the service all the way to the conductor and his train. my husband and I venture out on the 17th of sept. 2008.

Basically what I am writing about is the trip home was pure-d-heck, there was some young men (boys) on the train using profanity from the time they got on in new york about 2:00 pm until after 12 midnight. Me as a woman and I sure others didn't want to hear All that mess, I politely ask the guys will they please tone it down t was elderly and kids on board and they did for a moment, I guess they thought about it and decided to start back. One guy said the *** with this I can say what want, didn't ask the guys to hush or shut up, I simply ask them to tone the language down as M...F..- S...- F... This and so on. Well as it continue, my husband decided to step in and say something to the guy that was working our train 19 to Atlanta, the guy stated that he will handle it, well as you know he didn't. so another passage decided he will say something to the guys and this man was riding in the back so you know they had to be excessively LOUD. This didn't work either so by this time my husband decide to go get someone else which I believe it was the conductor because he had on a different uniform from the other guy and this particular guy came to finally eject them from our car. Where he put them frankly I didn't care. But this was really ridiculous they way the other guy allowed them to carry on for awhile. as I stated you have kids and elderly/woman-men on the train and they shouldn't be allowed to use that kind of language, you really couldn't get any rest even if you tried. because they wanted to be loud and ignorant. My second pet ped was if you have a lap top or any type of musical item their should be a rule of thumb to use ear plugs, no one wants to hear that crap others are listening to this is rude as ***, if you don't have earplugs you can't use the item. My third pet ped is when you attend the dining car the servers should just assume you want to sit with others, I do know that everyone can't have a table along, but you may have something private you want to talk about with whom ever you are dining with, or may be for one instance while we were there you had to white guys sitting at a table and a black woman came in the pretty much refuse to allow her to sit with them, the server told to the guys "you can't sit here along you have to share this table" as the woman was sitting down she was apologizing about having to sit with them when it wasn't her fault, the server place her there. Going the same thing happen to us doing breakfast, they just place someone with us without asking if we mind, (surely it was ok) but its the principle of the whole thing.they brought the lady to the table and said sit here, I just looked up for a moment at first because I didn't know they was actually telling her to sit with us (we enjoyed her) like I stated everyone don't want to sit or be with others no matter what. Now the question is whether I will take another trip on amtrak SURE I WILL. "Just take care of the language and the no earplugs"

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  • Sh
      22nd of Jun, 2007

    This is a warning for every consumer who purchases a ticket off Amtrak's website and then expects to have to option to cancel and get a refund. The website was designed so that you can't cancel the ticket. You have to call a customer service rep. The rep will tell you they will process the refund but neglect to offer to send you an e-mail confirming that you cancelled the ticket.

    Ask for the refund confirmation sent to your e-mail. Amtrak places a hold on the funds with your bank or credit card and does not complete the transaction for several days. If you cancel during this time, they will take the money after your cancellation and put it in a general fund. The money sits there for up to 120 days before it's returned.

    The way to get around this, is just plain don't book a ticket on Amtrak. Just in case anything happens, you'll be frustrated and angry that they won't process your refund. I am suing them in my local small claims court, and if you want to sue them too, send me an e-mail. I will have the name and address of their attorney so you can serve them the papers.

    If you read all the blogs and posts about the terrible experiences people have on Amtrak, you really have no business being on the train in the first place. Find another way to get there. I've ridden the train for 20 years at least, and frankly, it's a nightmare. I'm glad they ripped me off this time, just to remind me how awful Amtrak really is.

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  • Tr
      20th of Aug, 2009

    I too experienced the callous customer service and misinformation. Now I'm stuck waiting for... who knows how long before/if I get a refund.

    AVOID AMTRAK... don't support this ripoff scheme.

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  • Vl
      24th of Nov, 2010

    My train was to leave Chicago, Union Station, on Thursday November 19, 2010. (# 59 ) City Of New Orleans. at 8:00 pm, enroute to Jackson Ms. The train did not leave until 10: 30 pm, the delay was due to, engine problems. You could not leave the train, you could use the toliet however you were unable to flush. This trip was a nightmare, was suppose to be an 15 hr, 12 min, turned out to be 3 hour delay. It would have been nice if, the staff would have kept the passagner informed. I am a senior citizen, and I doubt if I will ever take the train again. The public deserve better, please look into improving services.

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  • My
      9th of Mar, 2011

    I feel for you! I am American: My experience with Amtrak rudeness when I was pregnant over 30 years ago caused me to never travel Amtrak a second time! Apparently nothing has changed in the past 35 years. I had a question re: address of a RR crossing and was talked to so rudely by a woman at the 263 number in INdianapolis, Indiana just now! So 'Rude' and uncaring is obviously the Amtrak policy! However, I called the National Number and Nancy Unger was POLITE and HELPFUL! So she must have flunked her rudeness class!
    That 800 operator provided my first-ever DECENT experience with Amtrak!
    I am caucasian American and I can tell you that race is not the factor: Amtrak is apparently equally RUDE to everyone from anywhere in the world.

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