Ameristar Casino / Customer service

Vicksburg, MS, United States

I was visiting a friend who is a dealer at Ameristar's Vicksburg property, as I do often, I set talking with her for a little close to an hour and wasn't playing any money. My friend went on break and shortly after we both return to her table and continued to talk, still I'm not playing any money. A few minutes later a guy walked up to play and so that I wouldn't distract my friend I prepared to leave, a table supervisor told me to leave since I wasn't playing, I responded that I didn't know that was policy to my friend and once again in a rude manner and loud so that others around could hear, that same supervisor said yeah you have to leave the table if you aren't playing. I was so embarrassed and shocked. If that's how staff talks to guest I will never play at any Ameristar!!! I'm disgusted.

Jan 15, 2017

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