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"Thank you for calling Amerigas, where customer service and safety are our number one priority"... is the on hold message that you hear.

It could not be further from the truth.

I am a tenant in a house, I moved in on Feb on this year and I have had to put out nearly $2000 since. First a bogus $500 deposit, then a $250 safety inspection (which had already been done, but they denied delivery until it was done... again), and a $200 charge to hook up a stove which my landlord paid... but then I got billed for it (trying to scam double payment).

But the biggest slap in the face just occurred.

I was shocked to see that the tank was at 15%, since it has only been used for cooking and hot water since I have not needed heat for awhile.
I called to set up delivery on Wed 05/25 and was first told that I had to pay for it in advance (which I never had to do since I moved here, I was always billed). They had me up against a wall and they were unwilling to budge, nor explain why and how the account switched to COD, so I was strong armed into having to pay for this up front.

That following Friday, I noticed that they had not shown yet, which is odd because they have not yet once taken more than 2 days to fill the tanks before. I called and was rudely told that "because of the holiday weekend, it is taking longer to get delivery that that it will not completed until sometime the following week". I had a house full of people expected to arrive that Sat, and now was forced to cancel for fear that it would run out from cooking.

Flash forward to today, Thursday June 2, they still have not shown. The tank is now at 2%. I had to call their 800 customer service line to be told that it will take 10 business days for them to deliver. I explained that the tanks are very close to being completely empty and he was willing to expedite the delivery for an additional $300 PLUS $100 for after hours delivery.

I have never been treated like this before from a company that exclaims that customer service is their priority.

... and I just saw a truck drive by as I type this.

Stay away from this company, all they care about is draining the cash out of people from every orifice.

Jun 02, 2016
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      May 04, 2017

    This company is a complete failure at customer service!!

    I have been trying to have my tank removed since I am replacing the unit with a ductless system for heat and air.

    Originally scheduled for 4-21, no call no show and tank still there. Apparently had a sick employee so it didn't get done. rescheduled for 4-3, again no call no show. Just called 3 times to get someone to help other than 'i'll call you back'.

    Both times I have had to reschedule the work being done around the tank removal. (windows and new system). I deal with the Woodbine, NJ office, Nancy. Told her that any additional charges I incur due to them not doing their job, or even CALLING to say they will not remove it, will be passed to them. Nancy's response is 'that's not our problem'.

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