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We have been using a gravity fed heater for years with a 20 lb cylinder which really isnt 20 lbs but I will come back to that. I exchanged the tank 1/28/2015 which when I exchange them I take 2 at a time. Came home from work that night and hooked it up because it was chilly. Which I've been doing for years. I sat down at the table to talk to my sister on the phone and happened to look in the sliding glass door reflection only to see a flame going up the front of the heater. I turned to see flames at the Amerigas tank so I jumped up and turned the heater off and ran to get water to put the fire out. To my surprise water did not put it out. My other half was asleep because he is disabled and hurts a lot but I had to wake him up to put it out. I burned my finger trying to help him put it out as did he. He is a retired engineer so he knew what to do. He went back to bed but I stayed up and watched it to make sure it didnt do it again. The next day he tested it to see if it was my fault only to find there was a nick in the seal on the tank. He use to rebuild steering for cars which you drive everyday and the pumps and wasn't allowed to make mistakes so he knew what he was looking at. The seal was nicked so it was leaking at the tank. If I had not been sitting there and seen the reflection of the flame in the door it would have blown up with me only 3 feet away the dog at my feet. We called Amerigas the next morning and told them what happened. They sent out 2 guys with a new tank (and to no surprise it is a BRAND NEW tank best we've every seen in 7 years of using their tanks) they wanted to take the tank that was bad but we refused to let them have it. We have called several times to no avail to see if they are going to replace the heater which got damaged and regulator but no one seems to want to discuss it. We know they don't fill a 20 lb cylinder to 20 lbs they only fill to net weight of 15 lbs. Thats the deal Blue Rhino and Amerigas made to cheat the consumer. That was admitted by one of their employees but if you take it to be filled you would get the full 20 lbs. The seal for the tank is only .03 cents per seal so for less than a penny you put people in danger of fire and or bodily damage or even an explosion. I'm using my oven as heat right now waiting on a call from them. This isn't the first tank that I've had to get exchanged I've had 2 others that the valve didn't work and the other one leaked even after the valve was shut off. So please be careful when getting 20 lb cylinders you never know what might happen. I guess I had an angel watching over us that night because we both could have died. My other half s advice is people use 10% windex 40% water with it on stream setting gently spray the solution on ever valve and connection use glasses as needed and watch for bubbles. If you see one grow or produce a lot of bubbles then the seal is bad and you shouldn't use that tank... PS this is from my better half Rick he holds patents on test procedures for seals.

Feb 3, 2015

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