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America's Servicing Company / Trying to get amount to catch up loan

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I have been trying to call this company to get the amount to stop foreclosure on a home that we purchase in October. Well as of today i finally got the amount that i need and it was stated that it need to be in their office by feb. 2 07. Or it would be null and void remember i just got the amount you call the phone they give you it does not work i had to threaten with attorney. They charged me prepayment penalties for just trying to save my home what a great company.

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  • Ri
      20th of Mar, 2007
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    We have also had problems with America's Servicing Company, this company is not concerned about the consumer it is more concerned about making money for the company period. Since this was our first home, we were taken advantage of. We were told from our original lenders that after two years we could refinance our home to allow a lower interest rate. Before the two year expired ASC bought the home from our original lender and immediately started raising the mortgage rates and interest, they then started charging interest on top of interest, and on several occasions we received threatening phone calls informing us of foreclosure, and unexplained fees. In the meanwhile the mortgage payments continue to raise until we were force to give the house back. We make this statement with hope that it will help someone else from going through the same problems with this company.

  • Wi
      28th of Mar, 2007
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    We have also had our mortgage sold to asc. It has been a nightmare since this sale occurred. Payments returned, with a post mark before the due date,than hit with late fee's rude phone calls. Asc wants our house's your's and mine they dont care who they ruin. Its the all mighty dollar they want. You talk to a csr rep at asc but they cannot give you their direct line to the person you talked to, so when you call back you get somebody else and have to start the process over. I talked to reps in des moines ia, maryland, california. But im still fighting. They are not taking my house!!!

  • Re
      29th of Mar, 2007
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    Interesting. I am in the process of refinancing my mortgage. Wells Fargo is to be the new lender. ASC currently services the mortgage. My mortgage was also sold to ASC from GMAC in December 2006. Three weeks ago ASC gave Wells Fargo a current pay-off, which showed all payments up to date and current, with the exception of March, which hadn't yet posted. After we went in to sign docs at closing last Monday, March 26, title called ASC for a final pay-off, and ASC then told them that I hadn't made a payment since October '06, and that I owed over $9,000 to bring the account current! ASC didn't begin servicing the loan till December '06. After about three hours on the phone and numerous different transfers between different agents, none of which has a phone extension, making call backs and follow-ups with the same person impossible, it was "discovered" that there were misapplied funds on October (their mistake) and that they had to back all the payments out of my account and put them in a suspense account in order to fix the problem. They did this on March 26, the day of our signing/closing. They initially said that they would only credit the account back one month's payment per night, then they said they would allow two months payments per night to post, then they said that they would expedite it and that it would all clear. That was three days ago, and NOTHING has been returned to my account. These people are either crooks, or they are completely incompetent. AT one point I called and was transferred and the person on the other end of the line pretended to be an answering machine, but was stupid enough to say "hello" after a did not hang up or try to leave a message. ! I suspect that the initial pay-off request was a signal for them to screw with my account so that I couldn't get a pay-off and therefore would not be able to refinance out of the mortgage, so that they would then be able to keep my mortgage longer, charge me more interest, assess bogus late fees, and eventually get me to pay them just to get it done with. I also suspect that they will be hitting me with 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 days late on credit reports, since they backed the money out of my account and now it shows payments not being made since October.

    Good Luck. I will file a law suit if this is not completely resolved by tomorrow...

  • Jo
      8th of Apr, 2007
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    We have had very similar issues with ASC. Does anyone know who regulates this company? I have tried to file a complaint within there company but the customer service gets "disconnected" or they try to divert the conversation. Thank you for anyone who can help in this matter. We need to get this company from making thousands of dollars a month on this.

  • Ch
      25th of Apr, 2007
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    We refinanced last April and we were very happy with our new mortgage company. Then they sold our mortgage to America's Servicing Company and now we are living in hell. They never post our payments on time and are constantly charging us late fees for on time payments. Now we have been fighting with them since March because they keep saying that we didn't make a February payment even though we have faxed them proof from our bank and their bank that they received the payment and cashed it. I am going to filing a complaint with the Department of Banking in our State and hopefully they can do something about this ASC. They owe us late charge fees, damaging our credit rating and all the aggravation they have caused us. If you can give me some info, tell me what I can do about this. I am in the process of hiring a lawyer.

  • Ch
      26th of Sep, 2007
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    I would like to find a Lawyer who has the balls to file a class action lawsuit against Americas Servicing there any one out there who does? Also I would like to get a list of everyone who has been screwed over by this comapny that I can attach to this lawsuit...maybe you can recover some of your money this way....I would like to sue them in execess of over a 100 million dollars...the more the better...the only way you can fight corporations like this is to sue them.I have been screwed over by them for years and get no where when I try to even get in touch with them.Who will join me?...and are there any Lawyers out there who have the guts to take this on...I mean look at all the pages of complaints on Google when you type in Americas Servicing Company...these guys are out right crooks and must be held accountable for what they do.They have ruined countless peoples credit and foreclosed on countless numbers of homes,and have been paid millions in false fees.Who will join me on fighting them? My name is Charlie and you see my E-mail address..if is
    I for one am tired of this and willing to stand up against them...who is with me?

  • Ch
      26th of Sep, 2007
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    I want to start a class action lawsuit against Americas Servicing Company.Who will join me? Are there any Lawyers out there who have the guts to take on these guys?I am tired of them screwing me over for years.They need to be stopped.The only way it can be done is by suing them.Who will join me?

  • Ri
      29th of Sep, 2007
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    this company is very bad"""""""" all do get your money i got sick and fell behind
    so i came up with money to catch up and the next thing i know they don't want the
    money so now they sent me to this company call freedman anselmon & rappe llc
    they am in foreclosure and that i old them 8,375.27 and all i old them is 2,220.00
    this is a insult and all this time am thinking that asc is my mortgage but it's not it's
    wells fargo so why is the customer sending payments to a asc somebody needs to do
    something about this so i it will be me when i get my lawyer. and by the money
    i sent them they are trying to keep it saying it's for a escrow advances what's up
    with that. i pay my own taxes.

  • La
      27th of Feb, 2008
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    I sold my house in January of 2007 and ASC put on my credit bureaus that the property foreclosed. On my current home i can't refinance because of the foreclosure.

  • Vi
      29th of Feb, 2008
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    I just open the mail,a payment increment of $450.00 a month
    for insurance and prorated BS.
    I know a good lawyer,but they take good sounded cases these is one
    My first payment will go next month to $1879.00 from $ 1479.00
    I can afford that,I will be on the streets. I'm a single parent of two.
    with a 10 and a 12 year old.
    I blame the bush administration witch do nothing,but I have learn that complaining gets nothing done.
    so lets sue the ###
    * contact these law firm all of us,they may take the case
    Dawn Simon law firm in Van Nuys CA.
    they got Big B___s. and her partner
    Charles D Collom;
    these are good people,that could help us all.
    lets unite and fight these giant,don't let them get away.
    with MURDER !!!
    * So.. PLEASE, lets ALL if you have any complaints about America's Servicing Company, PLEASE file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, your local Office of the Attorney General and send a RESPA Letter to your mortgage company and send a copy of this letter to the Office of Thrift Supervision.

    MY NAME is Victor
    my email is

    now read what these poor people had to go tru:

    Is these what America have become < A modern Day lawyer/banker/Gangster/ A like Bully Land>?

    /URL removed/

    I had been having problems with Altegra Credit Company not applying my mortgage payments in a timely manner. I decided to send my future mortgage payments via Western Union Quick Collect after trying to get them to post my account
    on time.

    Despite sending in the payments via Western Union Quick Collect, I was still receiving form letters stating my account was in default.

    I telephoned the Altegra Credit company numerous times and was never given a clear answer to any of my direct questions. The last time I telephoned this company I was threatened with foreclosure, the sale of my personal property and jail time if I didn't clear up the problem.

    After that telephone call I decided to only deal with them in writing because I knew I was going to need proof that I was trying to take care of the problem and was not getting any cooperation.

    A few months later after sending numerous letters to the mortgage company and not receiving a response, I decided to send them a RESPA Letter. Still I did not receive a response from Altegra Credit Company.

    I was angry and frustrated that I kept getting these form letters stating my account was in default and decided to call the mortgage company one LAST time asking for information on the alleged default.

    I was told Altegra Credit Company no longer handled my account and that my account was transferred/sold to America's Servicing Company in November of 2003 and that I should contact the new company.

    I was given a telephone number and told to speak to someone there who would be able to help me clarify the problem. I called America's Servicing Company and talked to a female representative who denied receiving any paperwork
    from me.

    When I informed her I was not notified of the sale/transfer to America's Servicing Company and didn't know that I was supposed to send the payments to them, I was chastized for not sending the payments to the proper place and was told I was shirking my financial responsibilities.

    I was given the name and address of where to send a letter and copies of the Western Union Quick Collect receipts explaining my reasons for not sending the payments to America's Servicing Company. I sent the information as instructed and never received a reply to my request for information on the alleged default.

    I sent America's Servicing Company a RESPA Letter and did not receive a reply to the RESPA Letter.

    I contacted America's Servicing Company on the telephone and asked for account information only to find their records from Altegra Credit Company were incomplete. I was told they would have to request a payment history from Altegra Credit Company.

    I tried to be patient and finally decided to contact America's Servicing Company about the payment history. I spoke to yet another female representative who stated that I was sent a copy of the payment history and they were waiting for me to contact them.

    I asked if they had received a copy of the Western Union receipts and my letter, and she said there was no record of the letter or receipts in her file.

    I decided to telephone them again after hanging up from this individual within 10 mins after talking to her. This time I spoke to a male individual who stated they had received the letter and copies of the receipts and that a copy of
    my payment history had not been sent from Altegra Credit Company to America's Servicing Company as requested according to the notes on my account.

    Each time I telephoned America's Servicing Company I got the run-around.I spoke to several different people and can only say they leave a less than desired opinion of themselves upon contact.

    Out of total frustration, I filed a complaint at the
    Office of the Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission againstboth Altegra Credit Company and America's Servicing Company.

    I was assigned an investigator from the Office of the Attorney General. The investigator sent America's Servicing Company a letter and they actually responded. The only reason they responded was because the Office of the Attorney General contacted them on my behalf.

    The response was they would get back to the investigator within a certain amount of time, and when that time period lapsed, they would send another letter stating they would respond within a certain time period. This went on for months.

    When America's Servicing Company finally responded to the investigators letter they stated that I was in default of two (2) mortgage payments from over 5 years ago, but did not provide any specific information.

    While waiting for the information on the specific time period it was alleged I was in default, I continued to send in my payments via Western Union Quick Collect. They accepted the payments and I didn't receive any default notices or any other correspondence from them other than their replies to the investigators letters.

    Approximately, 3 months later America's Servicing Company finally responded by saying that my payments have been consistently late 2 months for the last 5 years, and that the payments received after that specific time period were
    always applied to the payments in default.

    When asked why I wasn't notified, they didn't provide a clear answer, they only repeated that the account was in default of two (2) payments and how the money was applied to my account after the default dates over the last 5 years.

    I sent my next payment via Western Union Quick Collect. I didn't receive any correspondence from America's Servicing Company and we were still communicating via the Office of the Attorney General.

    In October 2004, I was served with Foreclosure papers by the Sheriff's Office.

    I immediately called Western Union Quick Collect to ascertain the dates the payments were acknowledged. I found the payments were acknowledged but the last payment I had sent was rejected due to Non-Sufficient Funds.

    I immediately called America's Servicing Company and was told that the payment was rejected because it was not the full amount demanded in a September letter.

    When I talked to their numerous represenatatives, I was told I received a letter stating I was in default, followed by a Demand letter and an Acceleration Letter When I said I hadn't received anything from them except the response letters to the Attorney General Investigators requests for information, I was told that I got the letters and she had proof I received the letters.

    After trying unsuccessfully to state I had not received anything from them other than the responses to the Investigators inquiries, I resolved to fight these people to the very end no matter what happens.

    I only had 20 days to respond to the Foreclosure papers and had problems finding a lawyer who was willing to defend against the foreclosure. I was advised to file a Bankruptcy to stop the foreclosure.

    Bankruptcy is something I can not consider, especially since it is only 2 payments. Had I been given the information there were two (2) payments in default, those payments could have been made at anytime, including now.

    Instead, I am now faced with not only the two payments in default, but I am now being forced to pay for the attorney's, service of the foreclosure papers, their added fees along with over 5 years of accumulated late fees.

    I contacted the investigator from the Attorney General's Office and explained the entire situation and provided him with the proof he requested. I have not heard anything from the investigator for weeks.

    I have contacted the Federal Trade Commission, The Office of the Attorney General, the Office of Thrift Supervision, as well as many other organizations about both of these companies.I have been informed there are others who have also filed complaints about America's Servicing Company.

    During my last conversation with America's Servicing Company, they offered me a repayment plan that includes me paying over $5,00.00 in extra fees and costs.

    Now they want me to sign a paper that says that I am agreeing to their terms of my own FREE WILL and VOLITION.

    I need to find someone who will look these papers over before I sign them. Given my situation this is going to be virtually impossible to do because the lawyers I keep talking to advise me to file for bankruptcy.

    I can not find other financing because of my credit history behind Altegra Credit Companies inaction, and since they never provided me with the information I requested, they sold/transferred my account to America's Servicing Company with the defaults listed, I am being forced into a repayment plan that includes extra fees that could have been avoided.

    The stress of this situation is more than one can bare without some kind of assistance, the duress of being coerced into signing papers that say I am signing of my own FREE WILL and VOILITION are just too much to handle on my own.

    I just received a reply from America's Servicing Company in the mail today that states they are looking into my situation and state that my foreclosure is suspended for 30 days. This is after I made the arrangements for a repaymnet plan on the telephone over 2 weeks ago.

    This still does not negate the impending foreclosure unless I sign the repayment plan papers that say I am doing so of my own FREE WILL and VOLITION.

    So.. PLEASE, if you have any complaints about America's Servicing Company, PLEASE file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, your local Office of the Attorney General and send a RESPA Letter to your mortgage company and send a copy of this letter to the Office of Thrift Supervision.

    I know there are a lot more of you who are being victimized by America's Servicing Company, please don't suffer in silence like I did, file your complaints with the proper authorities and post your complaints hereat the Rip-Off.

    The more complaints against America's Servicing Company, the more the authorities will be compelled to investigate their activities.

    Capital City, Pennsylvania

  • Vi
      29th of Feb, 2008
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    I'm back
    read these:

    Is exploitation wrong?

    by Julian Edney (1)

    This is not the first time the nation has produced dramatic economic inequalities. What are very wealthy people like? The everyday world of work vs. values of democracy. How the assumption of self-interest leads to fear in the workplace. Freedom, the illusion of freedom, coercion. Exploitation. Credit cards. Meritocracy. Sociopaths. Corporations and the economic justification for the damage they do. Historically we are emerging from an era with no clear ideology, but an era in which materialism and business has expanded powerfully and internationally, and out of the vacuum two old, discredited ideologies, laissez-faire and Social Darwinism appear to be rising again in modern guise. These ideologies are still flawed; the first (contained in modern Libertarianism) vigorously promotes freedom but ignores justice and is indifferent toward democracy. The second is supported by science, is disinterested in humane values and accommodates exploitation as part of the nature of things. The search for a modern economic theory closer to reality. Is this a society of individuals rationally maximizing happinesses? Andrews’s view: at least among the disadvantaged, it is a political economy of hope and fear. Remedies.

  • Th
      14th of Apr, 2008
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    If you sue them count me in. They need a good sueing!

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