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Three words class action lawsuit!!! I have dealt with this company for 2 years and my story is to long to go into. Suffice it to say that they have put me and my family through hell!! They make an agreement then they break it, I never speak to the same person twice it has just been a complete nightmare!!! I may have to move as soon as may 06 2010!!! There has to be something done about this company or they are just going to keep on doing this to all of you!!! Let's get together and make this happen!!! I am willing to get things started, but I can not do this alone


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  • La
      25th of Jun, 2010

    My family as well has spent the last two years in hoop jumping hell with ASC (otherwise known as America's Servicing Company - although I wonder who in america they are servicing because it surely isn't the homeowners). We have filled out endless amounts of paperwork and submitted and resubmitted. We also were told that they couldn't help us until we were actually behind in our payments, though we had made several phone calls before we were behind at all. They put us in foreclosure over a year ago and come to find out they never took us out of foreclosure and also I learned that they are not required to notify us other than the one time. This has been an absolute horrible experience and my family feels that we have no other choice than to try and short sale our home or let them take it.

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  • Lp
      14th of Sep, 2010

    We too have been through he** with ASC. I have sent 66 pages of faxed documents needed for the remod only to be told I did not send in something that they requested and denied. I NEVER got anything asking for anything else! It has been a nightmare. Foreclosure mail again.

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  • Da
      8th of Oct, 2010

    My experience with ASC as been on par with the other comments I have read. I have spent 27 months trying to get a loan modification through them.I have been very specific about the terms of the modification. I have jumped through all of their hoops as well. They started foreclosure proceedings in 2008, while I still tried to get a mod. mortgage. It was always, send the documents to us again or were still reviewing your request. A sheriff sale was to occur Feb. 2009; it didn't happen.I kept in constant contact with them to find out the status of my request. I have not made a payment to them in 27 months and they stopped communicating with me until yesterday when I received a letter stating they transfered my loan to GMAC effective Oct. 22, 20010. I have not known what to expect from these people but I am not leaving my home. I believe they charged off the mortgage. Who lets you go 27 months without making a mortgage payment and not take any action? What could GMAC want with a mortgage that is in default 27 months?

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  • Ke
      14th of Oct, 2010

    we have been trying to get a loan modification for a lousy 30, 000 dolllar loan. 8months later and still nothing. no communication papers lost and before you know it the 60 days is up and you need to send all papers again. Its like they do it on purpose. my original loan was bank of new york, for one month then asc got it in 2005. Now I find out they are just a middle man for the loan. We have a so called private investor whom we are not allowed to communicate with. how are they allowed to get away with this. I never signed anything with BNY agreeing to this. I guess i now need a lawyer.

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