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America's Servicing Company / Unapplied payments and filing of foreclosure

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This company is a trip with a capital "T". Our mortgage was sold to ASC after been told that our previous mortgage company, CENTEX will never transfer or sell our mortgage.

My husband had surgery in Jan 06 and he was off work for 4 months which left me with the majority of the bills. I paid ASC double mortgage for the 4 months my husband did not work and they claimed that they never received them. They place forced insurance on the house because they said they never got the declaration page showing proof of homeowner insurance, after I faxed it3 times and mailed it five times. Finally, I could never speak to anyone I always got voice mail. After making payments bi-weekly for about 8 months with the late charges they placed on us we eventually had to file for bankruptcy to put the late payments and late charges in order to keep our home. We are presently in the process of getting the house refinance away from ASC.

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  • Er
      7th of May, 2007
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    First of all i am a collections rep for asc out bound collections ... and first let me tell everyone do you know what asc is ... its a NON-PRIME Loan servicer for everyone who doesn't know what that means it services bad credit loans, wait let me rephrase that horrible credit loans, and it makes me laugh when im talking to you and your there talking about how perfect your credit is and i see when im calling you and i see your true double digit credit scores... also your payments are due on the 1st not the 16th people who have bad credit seem to find this confusing thinking the 16th is your due date because thats when you get your late fee... also have you ever wondered why you get stuff from wells fargo with your mort. payment stuff, because asc is affiliated with wells fargo but wells fargo just doesn't want to be labeled the company with all the bad credit loans... how does asc end up with your loans ... companies suck as freemont, countrywide, emc... ect companies originate loans the ,prime loans (excellent credit) sub-prime (mediocre credit) and non-prime(bad credit)... the originating company keep your loan for 2 months if your lucky, then thats where the fun starts the prime loans get sold to a company the non prime loans get sold to a company and then asc get all the non-prime loans get sold to asc ... so i hope all this info answers your questions to why you have this horrible company servicing your loan... all because you all have horrible credit no one to blame but yoursel[censored]

    Oh yeah i know asc is a screwed up company but i also find it funny when i hear people talking about suing asc ... and winning suing yeah right when you walk in the court room with your bootleg lawyer and then asc/wells fargo comes in with its all-star team of lawyers who get paid more in 1 day then your lawyer will make in a year suing do you really think your going to win your lawsuit?

    What do you expect to happen when you loan is 12months due ... did you think you were not going to go into foreclosure...

  • De
      22nd of May, 2007
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    I too was told by Centex they would never sell my Mortgage and then Nation Star took over and I've been behind ever since. I guess that is how they keep you by making you late. They loose my payments and you can't get anyone to talk to you. then every time i get a statement it say last payment but no where does it say how it was dispursed or how much it was. Good luck I wish I had a third party to work on them for me

  • Re
      25th of May, 2007
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    Eric, you are misinformed jerk! My loan was sold to ASC and I have excellent credit (FICOs 700s), six figure salary, and hold a high level clearance, where my credit must be excellent. As far as ASC, I will be refinancing is several months. Go back to hole you crawed out from under!

  • Ed
      2nd of Jun, 2007
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    Eric you are either naive or a *plant*

    AMC and EMC have many of them, believe me.. Are you unaware that AMC recently was hit with a $325,000,000 class action judgement?

    Be advised that even individuals can defeat
    high powered attorneys provided they:

    1) Have a *solid* well-documented case.

    2) Present their case fully and competently.

    Ed & Karen Cage
    1804 Cross Bend,
    Plano TX 75023
    972-596-4363 (Listed)

  • Gl
      13th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    The funny thing about eric statement... go to and see all the complaints and lawsuits against Wells Fargo and ACS for that FRAUD lending they are committing. And yes i said fraud Eric, your a loser and have no idea what your talking about. My credit score was 720 before ASC got my loan. ASC Providing wrong information... ie sending your payments. Is it VA or LA? When they posted my payment and attempting to get late payments fees.

  • Wi
      20th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    ASC is not going to be overcharging me anymore... My lawyer is making my payments. Shame have to pay someone to pay someone. Guess i must be too duh to do it myself... Amazing I've been able to pay the lawyer... Funny, on time even.

  • Be
      13th of Jul, 2007
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    I too had problems with ASC. I was recently told about an article in the Asbury Park Press that consumers that have or had mortgages w/ ASC should be receiving a letter and claim form for some type of paybacks due to consumers.

    I haven't received anything yet, have you?

  • Ve
      13th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    Anyone who had private insurance on their home and yet was force insured by ASC through their own insurance company known as "American Security Insurance Company", please contact us, we are organizing the parties to a class action lawsuit against ASC. Also, will: daklaw@voyager please contact us, we would like to coordinate with you and the NACA the principles forthis class action.

    contact at

    Thank you.

  • Ca
      21st of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    lastyear my husband have accident he was out work for 4month at the begining american servicing was so good with us that they was taken 1500 one month 2000the next but after 6month they to me to get a house counseling to help us after that our nigtmare stared we applie for aloan metigation thinking that would help. they put us2month wait .then send me a leater said they denied the case when with call lady fromhouse counseling they told her the reason that we dint call back it was lie becouse i aways call back so call they back ask who was the person who call or at timethey assureme not worries to send the perpor back so next we did .but the next day they put my house fo focloure or ahave to paid 15000.we went toheell until today we still strougle please help

  • We
      29th of Aug, 2008
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    I typed in your website and it says it doesn't exist

  • Lo
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    I agree with the foregoing comments and have gone through them myself for the last 3 years!! I purchased my home with a healthy down payment, and the reason I had to use a sub-prime loan is because my income is irregular and I am non-profit. My loan was sold after a few months (bundled for selling for a greater profit, I learned), and I was the loser. ASC kept refusing my interest and principle payment of $1339. and demanded $1545. which was the price for escrow, despite the fact I PAID my own insurance and taxes for the escrow. The reason? They let my insurance LAPSE when they should have paid it and they paid LATE on the taxes. They make a bunch of money extra over and above the true cost of the insurance and the taxes, so they kept the rest and never refunded the extra amount, despite the fact they said they would refund the overage (Lie #1). Then, when I fell behind I asked if they would take a partial payment, No, only if I was on time in my payments. Then I asked if they would accept the $1339., NO, only the full escrow. Even AFTER I proved I PAID the insurance and taxes they still would not accept it despite the fact my original loan says they will if I proved I paid the insurance and taxes. Years later they slipped up in a letter concerning the adjusted payment going up and said if you pay the insurance and taxes, your interest/principle payment will be ($). Even after that they sent me letters saying they would NEVER accept payment without escrow included. Finally, they put me in foreclosure after I begged and pleaded to pay part of what I owed, asked for mediation (and got a rejection a month and a half later after they filed for foreclosure). They sent me all kinds of letters saying they would help and rejected anything I offered. To keep my house (I am elderly, on social security, and disabled, and a minority single female), I filed Bankruptcy to get their attention, as well as a lawyer to help. That did no good as they never returned the lawyer's requests for an accounting of payments they put on SUSPENCE rather than deducted from my account. I should have been pretty even after paying an extra $420. per month on top of the regular payments I made, but they kept adding on interest on top of interest, and my total grew instead of falling. At 9.1% interest, that is a bunch!! I had to agree to a 'drop dead' contract to allow them to file for foreclosure if I missed a payment again, so in order to screw me over the lawyer they hired to deal with me filed before I had missed a payment, so they said I was in default when I was only one month behind. I proved to my lawyer that I had paid the first month they claimed they didn't get, but it was listed on their online account as in 'suspence'. I had chosen to pay by mail as the telephone payments cost extra, AND THEY REFUSED TO TAKE THE $1339. without the extra escrow, no matter what I said. They also charged me $20. extra because they said I was late even after the Bankruptcy Judge changed the payment date to the 18th instead of the 1st of the month. (Gee, they don't recognize a Judge's legal decision?????) My lawyer said not to pay them anything until they give me an accurate accounting so, I will be back in foreclosure pretty soon. I have filed state and federal fraud complaints against them and will also file interstate fraud by mail as well, and recommend that everyone else, who is being cheated this way, do likewise. I think some people back east have the right idea as well, and that is to picket Wells Fargo Bank in your town, since they OWN ASC, as well as several other HIGH interest rate lending companies, they don't bother letting us know about. I think if enough of us do the above suggestions AND file a class action suit against them for fraud (and refunds and penalties) they won't treat us like dirt anymore. I am willing to spearhead the find a lawyer routine if you want to let me know of your stories, as well as online, so the lawyer can add the cases together and maybe we can give them a little of the garbage they have given us. I am actively seeking a lawyer, but if you know of one you think will take the case, let me know as well. The more that we can find to help the cause, the merrier the fun...which is a better way to think than acting like 'proper' victims!!! Send long detailed letters to Lori Volkers, P.O. Box 4505, Pocatello, Idaho, 83205-4505, so you don't swamp my e-mail too badly...I will respond, and I think we can will this battle!!

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