American Signature Furniture / poor quality and no service

United States

I purchased furniture July 19, 2010 from American Signature Furniture in
Morrow, Georgia. The dinning room table required servicing upon
since then I have made numerous requests for service. The stain,
pigment, coloring, whatever you want to call is so weak that your
fingernail will remove it. I live alone, no children, very few
visitors...only me and I am careful not to touch it for fear i will do
further damage. The worst part of this is that I am still paying for
this junk because of a catastrophic Illness i couldn't meet the terms to
avoid the extreme compounded interest as I had hoped...I hate it, but
I'm still making payments. I'm sure this junk will be thrown out long
before its paid for. I had an occasion to visit the store and to my
surprise the original sells person is now the store manager. I spoke to
him about my problem and he assure me that he would take steps to
correct it. That was several months and no one done a thing. Oh I might
add...Its still under their warranty which isn't worth the paper its
written on. I agree with other comments made in this forum...I was
deceived, lied to and now I'm just plain aggravated! I would admonish
everyone to be careful and look at whatever you plan to buy from
AMERICAN SIGNATURE FURNITURE with a magnifying glass. As I said, I'm
stuck with junk.
J. Bell Central Georgia

Feb 20, 2014

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