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STAY AWAY FROM American Signature Furniture! Paying high price does not mean high quality at American Signature Furniture. Once we had our leather couch for two years, now out of their 1 year warranty, the couch is showing defective leather. Our leather repairman, pointed out that there is cheap leather pieces that are put together and said if he repaired the current tears, he would have to return over and over. That was 6 months ago and sure enough 3 more tears appeared in random spots. A leather couch that is taken good care of should last longer than 2 years. When I called the store they kept telling me that since I did not purchase the extended warranty, they cannot do anything, not even a discount on a new couch. They even mention that since I used an outside leather repair person that it voided the warranty. They do not know what they are talking about! All they do is read off a sheet and cannot, will not help you. I believe in investing in quality products that people truly stand behind. So STAY AWAY FROM American Signature Furniture!

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  • Em
      May 29, 2008
    American Signature Furniture - Service
    American Signature Furniture
    United States

    Called their free 1-866-214-6962 number to inquire about their contradictory bill (Payment due date early June yet minimum payment is zero). After waiting 15-20 minutes on a rep, they could not give me the answer. Unbelievable!!!

    Also, if they mention 60+ years of history, ask them how many times have they been in bankruptcy. Value City rings any bells? I already purchased furniture from them - lasted in one piece less than 1 year.

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  • Bi
      Dec 09, 2008
    American Signature Furniture - delivery and promises not kept
    american signature furniture
    1770 Galleria Blvd
    United States
    Phone: 615-778-9557

    AMERICAN SIGNATURE IS THE MOST HORRIBLE STORE - STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!! I bought the most expensive bedroom suite they had and I was promised they would deliver on Thursday Oct. 30th 2017. They showed up with only part of the complete bedroom suite. I had a party Scheduled for the first of November ( 2 days later )with company coming in town. I needed all my bedrooms for company to stay in. Well, this did not go well. The service guys where not helpful at all and they where screaming at each othe in my front yard on the radio with the store trying to put the blame on each other instead of trying to solve the problem. Next they did not have the right brackets to hold the mirror on and yeah, he drilled through the wood on the mirror not once, but twice while I was holding the mirror for him. To make a long story short it took me going to the store and getting the manager and the service manager on the floor to get it done. I had to put my foot down and tell them I wanted it finished today which was 5 trips to my house and 3 weeks later. I was promised compensation and it has been over a month now and yes as I expected I was totally forgotten and never received anything for going through everything I did and paying over 3400.00 for a bedroom suite. NEVER AGAIN!!! THEY ARE THE WORST!!!

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  • An
      Jan 21, 2009

    I totally agree. I purchase furniture last year. I was told no interest for 12 months and the interest started before the 12 months were up. I made an additional purchase. I was told that the interest would start in 90 days due to the fact that it was a small purchase. I spoke with the bank and was told they never received the payment and the interest for there merchandise is crazy. 26% interest is redecilious.

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  • Ug
      Jul 02, 2009
    American Signature Furniture - furniture quality
    american signature furniture
    1972 MT,Zion RD
    United States
    Phone: 770-282-2168

    first of all i order a sectional named ''Whitney'' and was all excited. To my surprise the store put thr wrong sticker price on it an i eagerly put 100.00 dollars down to secure it in the event the store caught their mistake-they did, but i was getting what i thought was a deal, I told the sales rep. that i would be back in 8-10 days with the FULL amount. She checked delivery dates furniture was in stock and i would have my furniture before my big birthday party. NOT!!!. When i went to the store i was told that ''MY'' particular furniture wouldn't be in until the end of July 2017. way after the party...CRUSHED..they said that they have to sell to 3 states the same items and that it went out of stock..But it was just there. Instead of taking my business elsewhere i opted for something else, when the furniture did arrive, it was damaged the leather was all scrapped up and the TV stand leg was cracked beyond repair, in 2-3 days they swapped out half of the sectional instead of the whole thing and the new swapped part had different colored legs...YIKES!!! AUGHHHHH!! I paid close to 1700 dollars for this stuff including delivery and insurance and i keep getting the wrong inaccurate unsuitable furniture, C'mon American Signature. i have had enough of the people at this company. the manger at the Morrow store was so indifferent when i told him about being inconvienant, I wish i would have went elsewhere now. im still waiting for someone to address my concerns

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  • Db
      Jul 22, 2009
    American Signature Furniture - poor quality and customer service
    american signature furniture
    United States

    We purchased our sofa set about a year ago and have had problems from day one. We paid to have to stain guard on it since we have a small child. What they show you instore doesnt reflect what you get. So I complained and said I wanted our money back but after talking to 5 different people they said they would send someone to come look at it. When he came out he just cleaned it, he was here for maybe 10 mins. So now a today a little over a year later, I have $1, 400.00 dollars worth of crap. Both the recliners are broken and the ottoman the stitching is coming out and when I called to get my recliners fixed they said that it only had a year warranty not a life time which we were told. Apparently it is not a signature collection piece but when you go in they say all there pieces are signature collection pieces.

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  • Le
      Aug 27, 2009

    My question is at the time of delivery did you sign for your furniture? After seeing all of the damage you should have told them to load it back on their truck and you would go down to the store and get a full refund. Of course once you let them unload and leave the damaged furniture, you are just asking for things like this to happen. Raymour & Flannigan did this to me. They figure out of sight out of mind.

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  • Be
      Dec 07, 2009

    and they just bought the Door Store so do not buy from them either

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  • Ct
      Jan 04, 2010
    American Signature Furniture - cheap recliner
    United States

    I purchased a cheap recliner chair in June as a Father Day gift for my husband. In less than 6 months the padding in the arms is missing or gone and this chair is very uncomfortable to sit in because there is nothing but wood the frame on the arms now .

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  • Vc
      Jan 11, 2010

    The merchandise was returned to the store by the customer for repairs. The merchandise was repaired and ready to be picked up on 1/8/10. I apologize for any inconvenience, but am glad that we were able to make the necessary repairs.

    ASF customer service

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  • Da
      Nov 14, 2010
    American Signature Furniture - Furniture
    American Signature Furniture
    9960 Roosevelt Blve
    United States
    Phone: 2156131023

    I bought a living room set at American Signature Furniture in March of 2017. Iwanted to get good furniture and spent over two thousand dollars on it. Itis now falling apart, the coushins and pillows are falling apart. I had to have the cocktail table replaced, and they replaced it with a refurbished piece of crap. I am so disappointed and will never buy furniture from there again.
    I had bought cheap furniture from Diamond Furniture years ago that lasted longer than this. This furniture is two years old and falling apart, what a disgrace!!
    Thank you,
    Sharon Lafferty
    1826 Glendale Ave Philadelphia, PA 19111

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  • Ca
      Nov 16, 2010
    American Signature Furniture - BAD SERVICE
    Altamonte Springs
    United States


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  • Bi
      Nov 04, 2011

    Recently, less than two months ago in September 2017, I purchased a "princess" bed room suite for my granddaughter. I was told that the furniture was American made. I don't believe it. Less than two months later my 35 pound 4-year old granddaughter ended up on the floor after the slats and support assembly of the bed fell out! The "wood" turned out to be cheap particle board secured about every 12- 18 inches with screws. Literally, the supports were "ripped" out as the screws which must not have been secured in the loose, deteriorating particle board, just couldn't support them. The so-called warranty only involved their replacing the same (existing support assembly) with more of the same screws as well as some extra screws. We were told they will just keep coming back if the support fails again.

    The bed is so poorly made that I would not recommend that anyone buy this suite. If this is typical of American Signature then they are maligning and dissing our country openly. Shoddy, poor construction, cheap materials and pointless warranties that allow them to sell you this junk and, at best, to just keep cobbling it together in the hope you'll go away.

    My LAST purchase there ever and I wanted to post something online describing their pathetically non-existent "commitment" to service and value. DON't BUY from them. Our purchase was made from their Philadelphia "Cheltenham Avenue" store but I believe their poor service and quality is rife throughout their entire organization. Shut them down - don't buy!!!

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  • Ro
      Jan 08, 2014

    This furniture company is a rip off. I purchased a living room set from them in 2017 with an extended warranty. Just before the warranty expired the chair collapsed and the fabric began peeling. I called the store to hopefully use the extended warranty insurance to either repair or replace the furniture an was told to come in to pick out another set. I went to pick out the new set and ended up paying full price and a new charge added to the furniture the I was still paying for. American Signature said that the extended warranty could only be pro-rated (17.00). So I paid for insurance that American Signature would not honor when I needed it. Guess what, the new set, I have had for six months, that too is broken. I have been sitting on the floor since Christmas. Maybe I should stop paying and challenge the finance company in court.

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