American Signature / couch set

Fort Myers, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 2394253699

as of february 25, 2010 i ordered a 3 piece set of furniture and was told by ayoung girl that i could order this set and it could be in as of april 30, 2010 and i called on april 28th and was told that the chair of the set was not even obtainable anymore and the other two pieces would no even be in until the 21st may and that was not a 100 % thing and come to find out i was not the first person that it had happened to. so i waited two in a half months for absolutele nothing and was never informed of anything had to call and find out on my own so i have to say that i was unbelievably heart broken because this is my first placeand my first set of furniture that i fell in love with and everyone knows how it fells to fall in love with something and not b able to abtain. so all and all i have to say that i was very dissatisfied. so be aware of what you are ordering and make sure they will have it or actually order it.

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