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On 9-24-08 I went to purchase a mattress and was told it had a 30 day comfort guarantee. I repeated 'Oh, I can return it if I cannot get used to it? Assured that was exactly the case. So I proceeded to buy the top of the line Tempurpedic mattress for $7, 667.89 which I paid in full that evening. Important to remember is that the salesman kept repeating full guarantee as he put the sales receipt down, holding it in place for me to sign for my credit card. Never once was the word exchange used, nor did he even give me a chance to see any writing on the back of the sales receipt.

Within the month I returned and chose a new mattress, since I was having great difficulty getting used to the Tempurpedic and was having back and shoulder problems. The one I chose was also costly at $4, 100 before taxes. Then he sheepishly said in a lowered voice 'you know you have to use the difference for an in store credit.' I lost it screaming what am I going to buy here for over $3, 200.00!

To try and keep this short, I ended up getting a return but had to pay a restocking fee of $710.00 plus shipping/delivery fees of $50.00. Important to remember is that mattresses cannot be re-used, as I was told. Tempurpedic gives them full money back, as they would have me, IF I had bought it from them directly. Now the cherry on the cake is that they just picked up the Tempurpedic and set up the Serta, however, the delivery men wrapped it so that it could be sent to you and you would never know I had used it for a month! When asked, I was told that is how they are instructed to do it.

My suggestion to all consumers is to go to Carson's or Macey's and stay away from these strictly bed stores unless you clarify a 'Money Back Guarantee!' They are scammers. They would not let me talk to a regional manager. They did offer me to buy their overpriced brillo pad sheets to the tune of 3K plus.

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  • Js
      Dec 17, 2010

    There are giant signs all over every store that say you may "exchange " it, and how can he have hid your receipt that you took with you? Which you had plenty of time to read before the delivery(moment sale was final). Giving a poor review of a great Chicago based company because you weren't being an educated consumeris sad. Feel free to go to a department store for higher prices, no returns or exchanges, 2 week delivery, and poor customer service Outside of being the only Chicago company that stocks Tempurpedic in their warehouse you have a 90 day Exchange on Tempur not 30. Please remove this

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  • Yo
      Dec 27, 2010

    I agree American Mattress does mis-inform the customer. They definitely change their attitude once you purchase their mattress. I purchased a foam kids twin mattress and to my surprise when we got it out of the package, it had a strong odor. Its not a new car smell like they make you believe. its a strong odor of chemicals. Who will let their child breath this while they sleep. And I dont care if the odor goes away days later, their is still chemicals in the product that can lead to cancer. I think the big red flag of American Mattress is their no return policy! Exchanges are worthless.

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