American Laser Skincarehad to cancel my credit card!!!

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Call and cancel payment with your credit card immediately!!! I canceled my credit card account and was able to have this charge removed because it had not posted yet—thank god. If it posts, then you will go through fraud claims and they will have to dispute it.

I felt strange about the fact that I received two calls, one saying I won $500 and one saying I won $300 and that I could get another $100 off if I came into the office within 48 hours. I scheduled an appointment for that day because i'd been thinking about laser hair removal, but asked what the deal was? Why $500 and then another $300, do you call everyone who signs up? She laughed and said, "no you won our second prize, which is really great!" I was running late to my class and made a rushed decision. She threw in laser hair removal for underarms for free "two for one package" deal. And then her math was wrong and she gave me the wrong quote and said, "oh well, someone else had $100 credit earlier today, i'll just take off another $100. " it seemed too good to be true.

Do not go through their refund process, because from others' responses they do not follow through with their policy and are hard to receive reimbursement from. You are not dealing with trustworthy business people and you do not have to uphold your end of the deal when they are clearly running a scam.

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  • Ri
      Nov 11, 2008
    American Laser - micro made my face worst
    american laser
    150 grossman rd
    United States

    i had more than 10 microdermabrasion and it made my face worse. instead of being compassionate about me they blame me that my face got worse coz i missed one appointment. and everytime i tell them that my i get more acne they tell me that its normal and they keep offering me more micro. stupid of me i did, i bought more i believed them i trusted them but then i ended up paying those expensive procedure and my face is worse than before.

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  • Ws
      May 24, 2011
    American Laser - Does not work
    American Laser Center / Skincare
    2455 Bennett Valley Rd
    Santa Rosa
    United States

    Is there anybody who bought a package from American Laser in or around Santa Rosa, CA? Let's get together and get our money back!!

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  • Cr
      Aug 30, 2011

    I had one treatment in Sacramento. I got sucked in to having it the same day as the supposed consult where they sell you a package with $300 off. I did not see any results at all except for a couple of burned follicles and they are still oozing and trying to recover. I cancelled my package and had prepaid for my next treatment and they owe me $318 (what they claim) out of $665 so they charged me over $300 for that first treatment instead of it being free since I cancelled. Now they say it can be up to 12 weeks for the refund. I don't want to wait 3 months for my money, and... I feel I should get all of it back! Whaddaya say Santa Rosa? email me...[protected]

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  • El
      Apr 12, 2014

    Do you know how i can cancel my service with them? and if I could get a refund? I have not been receiving treatment for 1.5 years because they do not have an office in hawaii which is where im living and they will not cancel or refund I only went to a couple of sessions which gave no result.

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