American Laser Center / ex employee and I can tell you this company is a scam!!

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Embarressed to admit, but currently an employee of American Laser Center and want everyone to know this company is fake! The treatments do not work, and only work temp. giving the elusion that it works. I am leaving this company due to unethical practices. The company is based on sales only and if techs do not make their goal they are fired. Thats why we push sales on clients! Please people beware of this company!!! Do your research and go to a doctor for treatments only! The regional manager Theresa Nelson is on a mission to make her bonus and goal and so are the clinical managers Joan Passow. They will do anything to make a sale and get their bonus! Including taking you for a ride! Also if you get a treatment and want a refund, the company will not give you one! And if you get burned, know one cares! The owner who just got out of jail said its not a big deal! Please dont go here!

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