American Laser Center / Total scam, warranty is a joke

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I had problems with this company from the moment I first started going there. The managers were terrible. One told me that sometimes burns can happen and there is nothing they can do about it. The turnover rate is so high that I never had the same person doing my treatments. One manager told me that my legs were too tan to do the treatments so they would suspend my account until my legs were less tan. Well now that my "so called" warranty is over and they owe me at least 3 treatments on my legs and they will not perform them. I was told that supposedly the manager that told me that was wrong (of course she is no longer working there!) I still have hair on my legs and bikini area. It was a total waste of money! I know other people who have gone to other treatment places and have had great results. The techs at American Laser didn't know what they were doing half the time! Some were not using the correct settings on me which made going to that session a complete waste of time. One manager said no sun exposure 2 weeks before and now I was turned away because apparently no sun exposure for a month. I live in Arizona it makes it a little hard to wear pants in 100 degree weather. If they would have told me that sun exposure would void out my warranty I probably would not have paid to have this done. They are extremely unprofessional. They have no clue what is going on. The managers are as incompetent as the techs. I have seen no hair reduction at all on my upper legs because my hair is too thin. Of course they didn't tell me that when they were taking my money. BEWARE!!! This place is horrible and a complete waste of money. Imagine going there for 2 years, still having hair on my legs and bikini area and spending well over $5000 and being treated like crap by unprofessional staff and managers. The worse part is I have a burn on my bikini area and the only response I have gotten is that can happen. My husband went somewhere else after I started at American. They performed different tests to ensure his safety. After 6 treatments he has seen much better reduction than I have!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! AMERICAN LASER CENTER IS A COMPLETE RIP OFF AND MORE THAN LIKELY YOU WILL HAVE A NEW, UNTRAINED TECH PERFORMING LASER ON YOUR BODY. THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER GREAT OPTIONS IN TUCSON!!!

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