American Intercontinental University / this company is a total scam

United States

This company is a total scam. They lure you in by your desire to further or complete your education online. They tell you all this bull about how you can do this with your tuition reimbursement and how they need a $50 fee to process your application. They process you and then sign you up. You are supposed to have a financial counseling session, but the next thing you know, you are signed up and ready to go. They send you books, etc. in the mail that just arrive at your home. Then, when you think, ok, I'll try this...they hit you with a $4300.00 bill for 2 30 day classes. Yes, I said $4300.00 for 2 30 day classes. Then, when you question them about why you were not told that this was the charge prior to sending you books, are faxed your 'application' agreement which in small letters states that you agree to any and all fees!!! Is this not a rip off??? I mean, they lure you in and then hit you with a big bill after you think you are only 'applying' to see if you would be approved. Get real. I only hope more people do not get lured into this school's(if it really is a school) crap. Also, when you tell them you are not paying, they tell you, well you know, you can't get a home loan, etc. because this is like not repaying a student loan. How over the barrel have they got you?? Looks to me like it's no contest..


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