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American InterContinental University [AIU] / Fraudulent school loans!

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I signed up to go to College online to save money, and I ask for a grant and the college AIU told me I was too young, but they signed me up for govt assistant. I told them I and my mom did not want to spend a lot of money, that we could not afford. So I depended on them to work with me on the paper work, and do what they said. I signed a letter giving my mom the ok to work with them also. My mom arrange to make payments to them also, to help save money, my mom constantly ask them not to have a high bill, they assured my mom, that I had Scholarships and govt assistant. The college constantly asked me to go to their college longer, and when I said no, they would not allow me to graduate from the college, they continued to do paper work on their own, I was constantly told to go to this page to see this, and that, but the college did the paper work, and never discussed the amount being spent with me or my mom. When they kicked me out of the college, and I only had one class to go to complete, but they continued to take money and never told me. I and my mom has written to AIU requesting an investigation on this matter, and no one will respond, my mom has called and ask for all paper work for these big loans now that me and my mom has found out after the fact. 35,000 with Wachovia, 22,000 with Sallie Mae. And also have added my Dad name as a co signer and my Dad never co signed on any loans, if AIU had explained to me and my mom about the outrageous prices, and the loans, we would have said no, but they did not, they just did it, and never discussed with me or my mom. I and my mom have spoke to Sallie Mae and Wachovia, telling them I only went to school online and it was not for 2 years, and there is no way I could have and would have requested this kind of money. I believe and so do my mom that Fraud has taken place here, and AIU will not respond or investigate the matter, I am asking the Board of Education to investigate this matter, also I would like to request that I can file for a forgiveness of this Debt, on the basis of Fraud.

David Allen
tel number: [protected]
address: 7379 Hwy 95A North
Molino, Florida 32577.

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  • Th
      7th of May, 2007
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    David, I am sorry to hear about what has happened to you. Your story is not uncommon. AIU has misled many people and has caused great debt and emotional damage for many. To spread the truth about this school I have created Please visit the site and post a comment telling your story like you did hear.

  • Br
      18th of May, 2018
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    @The Consumer Protector I too was fed AIU crap. I had to leave I was online on the road my computer crashed several times and was unrepairable. I got recuited back, they said they changed the curriculum, and had to take courses I have already taken and passed, making me take an additional 6-7 classes. I have student loans of $24K plus AIU wants $1, 500 additional they won't release my transcripts
    They are a scammer
    I asked a finance professor, teaching a class and she couldn't tell me what factoring of account receivable invoices was. I was 40 years old, already involved with factoring for many years. I true sham a rip off

  • Di
      31st of May, 2007
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    If i would know what i new today i would never i mean never attended aiu because it is to much money also my degree is probably not even recognized. We should not have to pay for something that may be not be recognized by anyone.

  • Sp
      10th of Sep, 2007
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    i to was a victim. just keep posting your experience. Write to the attorney general and the better bussiness bureau. Maybe one day we will get our money back. I'm paying a loan no degree and was kicked out like you. i know how you and your mom feel.

    los angeles, ca

  • Iw
      9th of Dec, 2007
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    This school is a complete disgrace, a blind monkey could get a degree from there, and not even have to show up but once a week. lol... They ripped me off so many times it was pathetic. I finally cursed out the entire campus during my very last class, knowing it didn't matter, these crooks would lose their accreditation anyway, and they threw me out with a 4.0 G.P.A... (As if that was hard... lol). Big Whoop, sure enough, without even hearing my issue, they were placed on Probation again, and I have no doubt once their probation is reviewed again in 07, if they revealed all of the dirty stuff they have been up to, they will be gone for good. Even their new President admits he expects them to be gone from SACS, so he plans to apply to one of those 3rd rate accrediting agencies like ACICS. Quite frankly, I seriously doubt they would be accredited there either, not unless things have changed drastically since I quit/was expelled in the summer of 2005.

  • Tr
      29th of Dec, 2007
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    When I first heard about aiu I was happy to be futhering my education, now I realize it was just a trick to get money. At the time I was struggling and did not have a job so I thought that I would qualify for some type of aid. The advisor "advised" me to take out all these loans I did not need. At the present time Im in the hole about four thousand dollars and never took a class, but the school says I went four weeks. I am now a student at a local college and have a year left. At this school a recieve more than enough aid and have a realistic loan company to help me if I need it. Thank goodness some people still remeber who will be running this country one day.

  • Le
      8th of Mar, 2008
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    I suspect this site was created for some good reasons. In the computer age, we are in a fight for REAL DEGREE DIPLOMA vs FAKE DEGREE DIPLOMA. CAMPUS vs VIRTUAL SUCCESS. There is a bitter fight with scare tactics and propaganda to veer individuals away from certain schools of online learning. I think it is great that people have an area to vent, but the creator of this site and all of us should be careful not to conclude misleading information to individuals about AIU or any other school, unless we have concrete evidence at hand. I can understand someone being upset and reporting or telling others, but some people have had a great experience at AIU, UOP, and other institutions that have bad comments on the site. Each experience is different and my heart goes out to any misfortunes. I have a TRADITIONAL Bachelor of Science Degree and I'm strongly considering achieving my Master of Science online. To be factual, all higher learning advisors and administration usually have degrees in business, because all higher learning institutions are "for profit" and are ultimately "a business" just like any other business in the world. They are offering an education and marketable services, Right? When someone finds a free of tuition school, call me. I could really save on my Masters. There isn't a school diminished from flaw that cannot be placed on probation for the slightest unmet conditions. If a school meets the necessities of the US Department, then they are accredited and I doubt any employer would turn away a U S Department accredited degree. If so, they are idiots, because most employees don't have a traditionl or online degree for that matter. When it's all said and done our children in the future and mostly all schools(even highschool, and elementary) will be virtual in some regards in just a short time. Then what will empoyers, students, and other angered "for profit" schools in competition benefit from trying to put any degree or school in the "inadequate school pages of the worldwide web" Accelerated means just that, faster and more intense. I believe most any basic degree (not including any field of Doctorates, they need efficient practicum, etc.) can be earned in a year or two as long as you earn each degree in a respectable order and earn it through a high standard curriculum and educator. Most universities prolong education, not just for the assurance or sake of a student's adequate education, but for financial gain also. Anyone that has been through college can probably relate to what I'm saying. When I contacted AIU, the first thing they asked was did I have at least an Associates to apply, becasue at first they thought I wanted a Bachelors. Although I have a higher degree, it was already initialized if I didn't have an Associates I couldn't apply for a Bachelors. Now, I don't know about you, but most colleges online or traditional institutions don't do this. This could be a good or bad thing. Some will see it [censored]ding a higher stander of entry into an educational institution and some will see it as bank robbery. Beware though, sometimes this is used in order to make more money from innocent first-time students that really desire a Bachelors Degree, but not yet have the Associate level completed. This could be an attempted tactic used in marketing to ultimately make more money overall from an individual student if they decide to continue their Bachelors after gaining their Associates through the same institution, because of strong encouragement through faculty and administration. Last but not least, here is a link to check out some REAL TRUTHS about US Department higher learning institutions. If you ever have a question about any school, investigate it here Keep in mind that institutions aren't obligated to have a listing with the U S Department of Education, but it is wise to choose any school that is. This will help you to achieve more from future employers and educational opportunities. I apologize for any typographical errors. My time was very limited to make this post. I think this site has its purpose. It does encourage people to investigate universities before applying. Everyone keep sharing thoughts and using your own abilities and minds to select the right institution regarding your own individual preferences and expectations.

    It's Tax Time! Get tips, forms and advice on AOL Money & Finance.

  • Lo
      13th of Mar, 2008
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    This school is really a scam! They push you into their enrollment so fast you don't know what is happening or what you are agreeing to, then the school sends you an invoice all the while they already know that some financial institution is going to send them money on your behalf without you even knowing it... presto chango 6 months later you get bill by the bank. Wow! The least they could have done is kiss me. I actually went through bankruptcy and filed against them and got it passed through the courts because I truly believed that I had never accepted government financial assistance. Someone is getting fat off this process but I can guarantee it is not me. The only thing I know is... now I want to provide my family with our own home... if I don't pay the loan, I don't qualify for any government programs to help people like me, less fortunate. If legal costs weren't so high I would hire an attorney and sue the school for damages.

  • Ro
      1st of Apr, 2008
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    I too am sorry to hear of bad experiences at AIU although, everything involving money has to be signed off on by you, its all right there when you log in to the school web page to review at all times. My experience there was extremely positive. Granted it is a for profit organization and the costs were high but it wasn't easy nor a rip off.

  • Jo
      13th of May, 2008
    +1 Votes

    AIU Advocates,

    How much did AIU pay you to write that? Better question, how much did good hearted-eager students, unwitting to AIU’s pressurized sales tactics, pay you to write that?

    Bottom line, where there is smoke, there is fire… and here… there is a LOT of smoke. I don’t know how the CEO’s have enough time to do their job when they spend most of it in the Federal Court System. And losing a recent case, I might add.

    This isn’t a conspiracy to blacklist AIU. These people have real issues, real complaints and real damage to their lives as a result of AIU and their tactics. Even if you had a successful venture with AIU, that does not take away from the overwhelming amount that have not.

    “Everything involving money has to be signed off on by you” sounds like words right out of AIU’s mouth. Just because a document is signed, does not make the documents or the result of the document legal. The documents in question could be vitiated by duress in combination with other factors that would render them voidable. David's case is a prime example of such.

  • Ja
      11th of Jul, 2008
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    Some of the posts are way too long. Here is a breakdown and you decide:

    1. Degrees from a regionally accredited University = Good.
    2. Don't sign anything you are not 100% sure of EVER IN LIFE!
    3. Read over everything when making important life decisi0ns.
    4. Check with the U.S. Department of Education before attending a school you are worried about.
    and finally...
    5. Don't let somebody who couldn't make it somewhere scare you away from something that you can do. Chances are you are looking at an online school because you can't go to school traditionally. Family, work, disabled, whatever. Every program is NOT for everybody. College itself isn't for everybody.

    Example: If you cannot write in complete paragraphs, grammar, and punctuation, college might not be for you.

  • Je
      23rd of Jul, 2008
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    In my situation, I am older, looking to pop off that degree in "record time". I am already studying CLEP manuals and have been taking CLEP exams successfully.

    I was working with State College and was set and ready to start the program when they hit me with a series of "hidden fees" I could not afford so I applied for a private loan where I was quoted an interest rate and repayment amounts I know I can't afford. So it was back to the drawing board to find another way.

    What I have found is that these admission counselors ALL tell you not to worry about the money. They DO rush you into a decision and it is NOT in the student's best interest.

    If you are not in a position to pay CASH UP FRONT or have your own arrangements for PRIVATE loans like most people, you have to be very careful about falling into a commitment or trap by rushing into a situation.

    Here are some rules of thumb to consider. Get everything in writing, even if it is email. The admission reps are there to get you enrolled. They are not going to turn ANY student away so long as they can get a signed contract.

    It takes up to 2 weeks for FAFSA to make a determination to see what you are elibible for. Once you have FAFSA approval, you can start with getting the commitment letters and sign promissory notes with the Student Loan folks (and there are student loan orientations you need to complete before funds are distributed) and you will get a schedule of distribution dates.

    The next step is for the school to confirm and start accepting the money.

    Make sure you investigate exactly what out of pocket costs you will have. NOTHING is totally FREE or TOTALLY covered under financial aid. You are goiing to see book costs, technology fees, etc. This is where scholarships and private loans come in handy to help with these expenses.

    YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED FINANCIALLY ULESS YOU HAVE A CONTRACT WITH THE SCHOOL. They way they get the contract is to get you to register for that first class. Even if you withdraw because financial aid doesn't go through or you can't afford the books etc., you are still liable.

    I think it is unfair. I think it is predatory, but this is the reality. Go on line asnd watch MAXED OUT. I saw this documentary on predatory practices and heard how people (college students) fall victim to these predators that tell them "not to worry about the money". I didn't get it until my personal experiences.

    I am in the process of doiing some work in this arena and beleive me, it has been quite the eye opener as I "interview schools".

    Here are some tips to protect yourself.

    When you receive that initial call, ask them to send an email and any questions you have about their organization. Know right off the bat, you are already accepted if you sign the contract. All their quesitons about what you have done in the past, what your career objectives are, etc. is very simply a script that is used in every sales industry based upon Nuero Linguistic Programming to bring the consumer to a place of pain and show them how their product/service is going to make things easier for them.

    These people will take notes on that "pain" and use it against you to guilt you or put pressure on you to sign a contract.

    Go through the websites carefully. Look at the program overview, course requirements, course descriptions. If you already have college credit look for their policy on accepting college credit. Look for a written policy on CLEP Testing, Life Assessment, and/or DANTES testing. Not all schools will accept these tests, or they say they will but in the fine print it is for a significant out of pocket per credit awarded fee, or they will require a specific GPA (I have seen it as high as a 3.5 GPA to qualify).

    I would even go as far as to wait for the initial application to the school until you see what financial aid will award you unless you have the resources to pay out of pocket. On the financial aid issue, one lesson learned was to verify with the school that they will accept financial aid. I was at the point of trying to register for class and out several hundred dollars when I found out my academic plan was for CASH paying students only and not for students using Federal Grants/Financial Aid.

    Once you have gone through your interview process with the schools, get unofficial transcripts from any prior learning and read through course descriptions to get an idea of what will be awarded. Of course it is up to the transcript review board, but you should be able to get a general idea of where things will fall.

    It is in the student's best interest to have the course requirements and chekc off the courses you already have behind you. Create plan to pursue additional credits to earn based upon CLEP/DANTES/PLA opportunities if that is what you want to do.

    This is when I would suggest applying to the schools and completing the admission forms. With costs being anywhere from $50 - $150 it can become very costly and you don't want to throw that money away. I lost almost $500 before I learned these lessons.

    Once you pay the application fee, consider this school as your "potential". Put your transcripts in for review. If you prior learning institutions don't charge too much, I would even do the paperwork or go on line to initiate the release of the transcripts before the application is completed to reduce your waiting time to get started.

    It takes 3 - 6 weeks depending on the school to get the offical transcript audit start to finish. This includes the time of ordering and receipt of the transcripts from prior learning instutions as well as the intended school's audit. Make an informed decision whether or not the transcript evaluation is important to you. Remember, if one school grants you 27 credits, another school may only grant you 12 - 15 credits. It depends on the individual school's policy and this is something you can question thoroughly.

    After the transcripts are reviewed you talk to an Academic Advisor (not the admissions counselor whose job it is to SELL the service). This is where map your educational plan and tell them this is what you want to do. They will send you something IN WRITING to confirm your academic roadmap.

    This is when you register for that first class.

    So be financial aware, financially prepared, have an academic plan, and don't rush - be well informed.

    If the school carries on and rushes, there are other schools out there.

    It's not just AIU, it's all of them.

  • Ah
      5th of Oct, 2008
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    Read what you sign. It is all there in writing. College is expensive, and it is easy to pretend that loans aren't "real money." But if even a handful of these complaints were actually true, AIU would have been shut down a long time ago. The education industry is heavily regulated. There are rules that AIU must follow, but there are a lot of rules that you must follow as well, such as reading your loan statements, asking questions, making sure to file withdrawal papers on time, etc. The same applies to your standard big state universities. AIU is regionally accredited (meaning the degree is just as "good" as Harvard's, in respect to accreditation/acceptance) and it is about the fastest way towards earning a degree. I have both worked for and attended schools like this (do neither currently) and the bottom line is that you get out of it what you put into it. Sure, it might be easier to breeze through your classes, pass, and graduate, than at a traditional school. But you could also do the work, and learn what you are there to learn. If your employer is suspicious, show them what you were able to learn through your performance. Obviously a traditional school that is high ranked and has an established reputation is going to count for more than a degree you earned online. But there is a reason you didn't go that route, and this is about the best alternative. It might mean you have to work a bit harder to distinguish yourself. If you think it is too expensive, go to community college for two years and earn credit that way. It isn't for everyone. But as far as online degree programs go, AIU is one of the best options--certainly better than places like ITT (not regionally accredited) and U of P.

    Please, take responsibility for yourself and your choices. Do you really want the government to step in and rule all of our lives, just so you don't have to think for yourself? Your future is in your hands, your mistakes are your own. Only those who understand and accept this have any chance to get ahead. Good luck everyone!

  • Ni
      28th of Oct, 2008
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    I disagree with alot of your comments. I did my research and made sure that AIU was accrediated and also recognized by the department of education. you have to keep in mind a few things. Employers have no clue about your local college from a college half way around the country. The only thing that matters to them is the fact is a recognized degree from the dept. of education. I dont understand when people say my degree from aiu isnt recognized. This is prob. due to the fact that you are too lazy to actually start looking for a job. I have attended aiu and received my masters degree. I will not let a few bad people tarnish the school that has helped me get to the position i have today and i am a CFO for a fortune 300 company. As far as money goes, wake up and do your research, its 50k for a degree. Some schools around the country are 30k a year, times 4 years which is 120 k a year. It drives me crazy how stupid people are.. If there wasnt online schools like this half ot he people would not be going to school. Yes they take the majority of the applicants, but if you get your ged you are not going to a ivy league school or even a decent tradiitonal college. Get over yourselves, get your ### in school, if its easy its easy.. just get that piece of paper and get out... Stop drooling on the negatives.. you people disgust me.. if you have any questions email me... later

  • Ju
      5th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Well thanks for this post, even though it 3yrs old, I've still seen plenty more like it. I just got done calling AIU today and cancel, so back to state college I go. I was always skeptical of online schools and the merit their degrees carry when it comes to actually being noticed by every employer and actually getting a job, cause you earn it legit not just payed for it. I've also heard that you're bound by there employer, so if you leave the circle you're alone, which defeats the purpose I would think of getting a degree if I'm bound because of it. I was convince by their staff, that the degree is just like a degree you'll get from a State University which obviously isn't true + apparently all of there "Staff" is working on their masters, based upon two of my friends calling with two different advisers lol!

    I agree that traditional colleges Jr, State, Ivy, are the way too go that is more rewarding than going online/ private colleges. It just too much shady business every time i check up these schools.
    I hope by now everything is ok, and I really appreciate the post you made. You saved alot of people believe it or not from ruining their life.

  • Pe
      9th of Apr, 2009
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    This AIU is a Scam. I attended was working for my BA in Bus management. When I was contacted about AIU I asked them if my military grants would be accepted. The "advisor" that I talked to told me that they would without a doubt since there office was in Hoffman Estates, IL ( My Veterns grants are only good in IL). I did the whole pony and dog show they ask you to do get admistered and was looking forward to completing my degree. Note: I lived in a small town with the nearest brick and mortar school was an hour one way drive time, and I worked 2nd shift in a factory. One thing the Advisor told me "If you ever need to drop out of class then you only owe what is on your account the day you drop out". Months went by and I was on top of my game submitting reports and getting A's across the board. Then I got the bills coming in I called the advisor that I had talked to and that gave me his contacts and I was transfered to someone else without even taking to the first guy. I explianed about the bills and told them that they needed to go to ISAC and they would get paid. I was then told that "Since AIU is actually in Buckheed, GA my grants are not valid". I told them this was not what I was told before registering and I was not expecting to pay them out of my pocket. After a little conferece call with finaical Aid they submitted me forms for Sallie Mae Fed loans and arranged to take my GI Bill money that I had about 600 left on. After that I agreed to make payments every month to catch myself up. After working a 7 days a week with no time off, getting home about 1 am and hitting the computer untill 3am I found myself 4 pages shy of a full report that needed to be turned in, I figured if I turned something in and get some points that would be better then no points. So I submitted a report of 3 pages that was suppose to be 7 pages and the stucture was complete shambles clearly due a grade of D if not an F. The next night I got on and to my suprise what was my grade buy 100/100. This is when AIU started smelling funny. Then I got laid off of my job and the world started crashing. I got farther behind and final gave up on my dreams of finishing my Degree. I called the advisors to see if I can get any help or asstiants because I was not ready to die yet, but all they could say was they needed 1000 dollars today or I was done. I asked them how much do I exactly owed and they said 2000 dollars. I told them that I would just drop out today and get in contact with whoever so I can make aggrangements to pay the 2000 and be done. After roughly a month I got a call from AIU wanting payment I told them I needed to set up payments and I was told that they needed 1000 dollars to set up payments, I told that guy if I had $1000 to set up payments I would not needed to drop out of class. He told me that is all they could do for me and said he would send the info. 4 months later I recieved in the mail a bill from AIU stating I owe them $6, 900. They had charged me the rest of the classes that I had not taken. After trying to get this straighting and realizing I had been scammed things quited down. I got nothing from AIU and they justed seemed to fade away until this morning 3 yrs later. I went and applied for a VA home loan and was turned down due to a recent logged creditor stating I owe them $6, 900 to AIU.

    For those that stand by AIU say they are a good school, I wonder if you don't just work for them and are out there trying to keep the scam hidden.

  • Ya
      26th of May, 2009
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    First off i do not work for AIU. I have attended there and plan on going back. They are also a brick and mortar school with an online division. My degree was accepted by the 3 of my previous employers and is accepted by my current employer. I wonder if those of you who say bad things about the school are paid by others. Yes some people have bad experiences and others dont. I have never been overcharged and the total price of my classes was cheaper then the local community school. AIU is accredited by Us Dept of Education.
    Nick smith I have my GED and was recently accepted into UF, so its not hard to get somewhere with your ged.

  • La
      26th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    my name is Lameka I am a real person. I did great at AIU I loved AIU and I loved their online learning environment. The school was terribly expensive OMG so true but i was just thinking i would pay it off when I graduated. I later attended UoP where they kinda trash talked AIU but then they didn't deliver online wise. AIU professors have so much dedicated live interaction and UoP had zero everything is DB, DQ's or Email. But I did terrible at UoP but I know others who did well and they don't say anything bad about UoP but these are my opinions. I don't work for either or I wouldn't owe the student loans UGH! But my personal opinion is that AIU is set up just like a real classroom but virtual with class times and office hours and a virtual white board your instructors use during class time and you get real text books and software. UoP is cheaper but your books are all ebooks that you download there is no real time communication but this works really well for some people. I just got lost and stressed to bad to catch up again. But this is just my opinion. AIU did lose their accredidation although that hasn't ever held be back. But I honeslty don't think I would have chosen this school had I known they would. It's just too expensive for that and UoP is not that much cheaper seeing as how they spend less time interacting, there are no books to carry along and mark in although you can print and they don't give microsoft software to get you started but I can say they both were so much more attentive and helpful than community college because they are all for profit they have to have great customer service skills.

    oops I rambled. Sorry. Hope this helps

    Undercover double agent for UoP and AIU online.

  • Am
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    I was unable to compleat classes due to family emergancy and asked for a extention. They said that was not possible that I could repeat the classes later due to failing them the first time. Which I found unfare and they droped me cause I was unable to log in for so long. Now I too owe Sally Mea outstanding loans! Nevet though to try to disspute them since I never got my degree and I want to go back to school to get a degree that is able to be used. I can't even figure out how to get hold of them to get my transcript to prove that I have gotten some collage under my belt for jobs. This is not the first school I have gone and had this problem I went one before that went bankrupt but still shows on my credit report that I own them of 7, 000 when I only went to one part of degree never got the cert from them either! Now reading your story above I going to contact Salli Mea and other branches that I owe loans to from paper work the schools filled out to see if they will wright it off or at least lower what is owed due to none compleation of degree.

  • Am
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    Sorry I got cut short kind of on my last comment. But I do have to say that I did like the fact that I was able to get a hold of the instructors when I needed to rather live chat or via email they responded promply to me. The only real prob I had was the fact that I was unable to get extention on class due to family emeragncy. Yes I had to deal with it for over a month and where I was I couldn't get online or I would have been working on degree there! The fees don't seem that out ragouse to me I have looked into going to my local collage to get a degree I mean the big Collage not community it not a university but a institute of tecnology and OMG what it would cost me to go there out of pocket even after loans and possible grants! I would be paying for ever on it. Both my parents went there and graduated over 10yrs ago and they are still paying off there loans from both the school and goverment. So I understand school not cheap and cost more now then back then when they went. Like I said AIU was a good school I liked that they mailed even all the computer programs that I needed use like office and word! The other school I went to for electrical sience was way worse they not really teach much even in class setting I traved across the US to go there for 2 months to come home wait to get certs so I could go apply for a job that I could have gotten if could prov that I had the cert done, then call and get the run a round bout why I not got them. After 3mo I got the letter saying they went bankrupt. Then a few months ago I found out that the class after me got paid money from a settlement! So Lesson learned to investigate collage inside and out before you sign on the line! If you thought you where going to get a degree that was worth anything for cheap you mind in the wrong place try going to one of those mail schools then they are usually cheap and you can go at your own pace with them. As for me it might cost me more but think I am going to try the old fasion community collage to get started again!

  • Jl
      5th of Nov, 2009
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    I am a current student at AIU and I also thought it was a bit expensive but, I did my research and even a community college these days would cost as much once you include the lab fees and the cost of required books; not to mention the gas and parking if you had to drive to the school every day. I am a mother of four young children and my husband travels quite a bit with his job, I am able to go to college to get my degree and still take my kids to and from school, after school activities, and coach for my youngest daughters soccer team. This is why I go to school online for the convienience of being able to do my school work while my children are at school or asleep; I agree some of the classes have been a little simpler than I expected but others were tougher as well. This college is accredited, if they weren't you would not have the option of federal funds to help pay for your schooling; also my husband is a veteran and all of his benefits were honored as well as additional benefits for me and just to make it that much more difficult my husband ended up going to Kuwait and would not be able to attend his classes so he postponed his education with no bills or fees to speak of. Now for those of you who will decide it is a good idea to kick and scream and say nasty things to discredit my experience with this university, I am a 30 year old mother of four who has been quite happy with her experience with AIU and not that your opinion does not matter but other peoples opinions matter as well, have some respect and voice your opinion with dignity instead of vulgarity.

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