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American Income / You all never even gave it a chance

1 Pittsburgh, PA, United States Review updated:

All those who never even came into the interview based on people who are to lazy and could and would not do there job at American income and then put down the company, you are all unprofessional, lazy and just pure stupid and those who don't even have a job and never even called in to cancel and never showed honestly it just shows how lazy you really are and the job sites you are posted on now have a history on all those who never even gave the company a professional courtesy to call and cancel it now shows on monster and career builder for other employers to see. As for AIL they are a great company that watches out for each other and helps you out when you are down. They provide you with all the tools you need and at the same time you are helping blue collar people protect there family if something happens to the bread winner of the house. They are not a scam they even work with the police department to get child safety kits to you. Plus if they were a scam companies like Giant Eagle, Police departments, and fire departments would not have them as their benefit representatives. If even one of you were smart you would know better than to base going to an interview on this bull on the internet because every single company you go to an interview for has negative things written about them on the internet and is 90% of past employees pissed because they were caned because they were to lazy and unprofessional to keep in that company. I dare you to do the right thing and stop listening to the negative and make an effort to learn the truth and positive from those who are with the company (any company) because we are the truth. I am a great example because they are helping me with a job till I get my license and they have always been extremely respectful to me and everyone else plus they believe in you when no other company will get past the stupid resume. Resumes don't tell a company anything about you as a person and you can never get a manager position without having experience but how can you get experience if no one will even give you that chance and so you continue to be a pee on at every company you work at. That is where AIL is different they don't care about the experience they care about the person you are and they look in-between the lines and see your true potential. I have so many health problems and they don't care that I've had to take my time to get my license or that I need to take a day off, all the other companies treated me like hell because I have medical conditions. AIL treats me like everyone else and didn't dump me over emergencies, or doctors appointments. I can guarantee any company you work for would fire within the first 90 days if you missed a couple of days even if it was because you were in the hospital, they don't care but AIL does. Maybe you need to see if they will give you another chance to be interviewed. I know I could get you back in but please don't be stupid again and base your choices on the opinions of others that just makes you part of the flock and not an independent thinker and leader./
You can always call in and I will set you back in for 1 last chance at an interview to change your life from the monotonous to the exciting and make the money to prove how great you really are compared to those who give up or never even try.
[protected] ask for Sheila I am an honest to the point person

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      22nd of Apr, 2014
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    Actually, AIL doesn't make it easy for people to even give a courtesy call or to even confirm an appointment. I have a friend who I have been rooting on to go to this interview, but she was expecting a confirmation email for the interview (which I found odd) but never received it. She tried calling 5 different numbers and none of them work. She can't even pull up a working link to AIL's website. Everything about AIL's tactics for calling prospective employees comes off sketchy. Instead of insulting people who were already rubbed the wrong way by AIL, you should post more accurate and helpful information to show AIL isn't a sketchy company... yeah all of these people may have their contacts of but you're a representative for AIL and you're calling people stupid and past employees stupid.. that already screams unprofessional and I personally would not want to work for a company who has people who insult others on a website forum that openly represents the company. It shows what kind of company AIL is. I hope that AIL can get someone with more profession and better hiring skills than they currently have... for their sake.. if they are so desperate to hire, they need to be more willing to answer questions and have working phone numbers and a working website.

  • Te
      2nd of May, 2014
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    No reputable corporate human resource manager would compose a rambling, derogatory and grammatically juvenile post such as Sheila78's entry above. Succinctness, brevity and professionalism in all forms of communication are the cornerstone of an organization's credibility, internal work values and corporate culture. You will not find, nor uncover a post on any forum by a fanatical AIL employee, shill or anonymous representative that is indicative of any post-secondary level writing. Thus, do you (the reader) want to work in an office comprised of managers and workers of Sheila78's intellectual agility, moral compass, powers of motivation, persuasion, leadership and just positive rhetoric? Fast food corporate chains have all developed vastly superior universal corporate training methods, procedures and codes of conduct than AIL; ones that consistently build up an individual for future success rather than tearing down or encumbering that individual worker's potential and future self-actualization. This being the case, which is a better choice as a long term investment of a worker's time?
    To illustrate AIL's predatory approach to human resources I will state the following: you will never see any fast food chain posting (spamming) 50 times per week on every craigslist job section (and every other job site conceivable) in every city across North America as AIL (American Income Life) does.
    At this point, I will cite a given global mean definition of Spam: 'Sending the same message indiscriminately to (large numbers of recipients) on the Internet'. This, fundamentally, describes the AIL approach to human resource acquisition and development, and the value that AIL places on its workers (victims); and most importantly the inherent just needs of individual economic freedoms by human society in general. Those spreading this venom around job sites, forums and boards are equally as guilty as the sociopathic employment and corporate practices of AIL (American Income Life). Avoid this degenerate and small minded, disrespectful approach to human labour and/or capital at all cost.
    Perhaps this demonstration of the sound application of the English language may be motivational and educational to AIL managers and shills.

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