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Stay away from these liars!!

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American Income Life
Woodridge, Illinois
United States
I am a former employee who worked for ail from october 2010 through the end of november 2010 at the woodridge, il office under the ownership of bob olson. Olson actually was a somewhat decent guy, however his "underlings" were and are complete ### of the earth. First off, i had to purchase my own laptop and pay for it out of pocket, without any reimbursement, just in order to get the job. Then i had to load their crappy computer program, which even after i removed it, has crippled my computer and slowed it down to turtle - like speeds. Then there was the "training. " i use that word rather loosely because were weren't being trained to sell insurance at all. It was all about how to lie to the customer to get them to do what you wanted and bilk them out of hundreds of dollars of their money so that ail could make money. Half the time, the person who was supposed to be leading the training session wouldn't even show up so we had to sit there and waste time. By the end of the two weeks, my training class of 15 people was down to 4 people. The people training us didn't care if we understood anything since they were in such a rush to get us out on the street.

Next were the people that supposedly held positions of power there. I am not afraid at all to name these people because i want everyone who reads this to know what sleazy ### they were. Their names are mandus buckle, cherie adams, and matthew barrion to name a few. Ms. Adams would frequently get up on her high and mighty horse and belittle the rest of us who weren't as good at lying and stealing as she was during out afternoon meetings. She often told us that we needed to talk to our inner city clients in a "ghetto" or "black" manner, even though ms. Adams herself is african - american. I found this particularly off - putting. Then there was mandus buckle, my boss. This guy was, and still is, an egomaniacal narcissist and steroid abuser who propositioned himself to every attractive female employee that worked there with the promise of more money and better leads if they slept with him. His boorish behavior was absolutely disgusting! Often times this clown would single me out during meetings and humiliate me in front of my coworkers. When ail let me go, which was a blessing in disguise, this spineless coward didn't even have the stones to look me in the face when he fired me - - instead he sat with his back to me the entire time like he was some sort of big shot or something. I was extremely pleased to hear from my former up - line manager, the one decent human being that worked there, that mandus buckle was later fired due to an overwhelming amount of sexual harassment claims from various female employees.

Now on to the actual job itself. The lead packs that we were given often times was made up of leads that were well over 2 years old that were simply union workers that filled out a card requesting that we enroll them in their free benefits which was a $3000 accidental death and dismemberment policy. Once we were in their homes, however, we were to show them the fancy pants lap top presentation and try to get them to hand over their personal checking account information to purchase an outrageously priced $30k whole life policy. In addition to this, i spent numerous hours of my day in a very dangerous area of the west side of chicago "door - knocking" to set up potential future appointments and meeting with prospective clients, most of which were broke to begin with. There were many nights that i put myself in danger driving and walking alone through these neighborhoods in the hopes that the crackhead that i set an appointment with on monday was not going to blow me off that wednesday when i showed up for the appointment. Several of my coworkers even had their cars broken into while they were on appointments. I honestly felt that i needed to carry some sort of weapon to ensure my safety while performing my job. Not exactly a great working environment if you know what i mean.

I have since went on to work for a very successful and legitimate insurance brokerage and i must say that there are way better opportunities that ail out there. Do not listen to the propaganda from idiots like rainfire or michaelail. They are simply spewing the company lines and i have seen rainfire post the same thing on several other links. They will try to tell you that you are lazy or unmotivated or not "ail material" and that is why the people who have made these legitimate complaints have not succeeded at ail. Do not believe it!! It is all bullsh*t! Please people, as a former employee, stay away from this company!! They are no good!
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N  23rd of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes

Ail - Bad faith
United States

Now what do you say with this ? Huh torch this!

Torchmark’s bad faith insurance practices
According to the aaj report, torchmark and its subsidiaries, globe life and accident insurance company, united american insurance company and liberty national insurance, have been accused of bad faith insurance practices, such as:
Discriminating against minorities. Torchmark has been accused of discriminating against minorities by using race - based underwriting practices and refusing to provide insurance to non - english speaking persons. Liberty national paid $6 million in a lawsuit where the insurer charged black customers a third more than white customers for burial policies.
Lying to policyholders. Both globe life and united american have been accused of lying to elderly policyholders by telling them that their insurance would be discontinued once they reached the age of 65 – even though the policies were guaranteed for life. In 2003, united american settled charges in minnesota of pressuring elderly clients into buying more expensive insurance that provided fewer benefits than they already had.
Engaging in fraudulent activity. United american agents were accused of sending out mass mailings to the elderly concerning medicare supplement insurance. However, they merely used the mailing as an opportunity to sell other products. Ironically, the scam was reported to authorities by one of the company’s own employees.
Freeadvice.com survey: 50% or more of torchmark’s customers very unsatisfied
According to customer satisfaction ratings on freeadvice.com, 50% or more of torchmark’s customers are very unsatisfied with the insurer and its subsidiaries. Here’s how survey respondents rated the insurers:
Globe life and accident insurance company
Extremely satisfied: 0%
Very satisfied: 25%
Somewhat satisfied: 25%
Unsatisfied: 0%
Very unsatisfied: 50%
United american insurance company
Extremely satisfied: 29%
Very satisfied: 2%
Somewhat satisfied: 0%
Unsatisfied: 7%
Very unsatisfied: 61%
Notes: since torchmark is a holding company for subsidiary companies, survey information is not available for torchmark individually. Survey information was not available for liberty national insurance.
Customers posted the following comments about torchmark and its subsidiaries on the website:
Terrible customer service, nobody knows what is going on. Nobody returns emails at all, and only on person who said they would return my call ever did. I am going on over a month now getting a refund on a premium that was not supposed to be debited in the first place. I cancelled my policies and would not recommend them at all. – referring to globe life and accident insurance company.
They misled us about the coverage and were overall very unhelpful. The amount that was covered was actually surprisingly limited. I would not recommend them to anybody. Regardless of their decent price. . . Pay more to get better coverage. – referring to united american insurance company.
Notes: since torchmark is a holding company for subsidiary companies, customer comments are not available for torchmark individually. Customer comments were not available for liberty national insurance.
If torchmark or one of its subsidiaries has acted in bad faith regarding your valid insurance claim, contact an attorney whose practice focuses in this area of the law. Consultations are free, without obligation and strictly confidential. To contact an experienced insurance attorney, please click here. We may be able to help.

Freeadvice.com survey: 50% or more of torchmark’s customers very unsatisfied
According to customer satisfaction ratings on freeadvice.com, 50% or more of torchmark’s customers are very unsatisfied with the insurer and its subsidiaries. Here’s how survey respondents rated the insurers:
Globe life and accident insurance company
Extremely satisfied: 0%
Very satisfied: 25%
Somewhat satisfied: 25%
Unsatisfied: 0%
Very unsatisfied: 50%
United american insurance company
Extremely satisfied: 29%
Very satisfied: 2%
Somewhat satisfied: 0%
Unsatisfied: 7%
Very unsatisfied: 61%

These ten companies were named the worst insurers in america for denying claims, raising premiums, refusing insurance to those who need it most and many other reasons:
State farm
United health
Liberty mutua
N  23rd of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes

American Income Life - real people
American Income Life
United States

Try to debate this. These look like real people telling as it is ! This is where the rubber hit the road, how claims are paid.

American Income Life Complaint by Patrick_88061

January 20, 2010

I fell off a ladder on July 22, 2009 and was in the hospital with 2 operations. Broke my wrist and broke my heel on my foot. On December 11, 2009 Michelle at American Income Life said she received the info my wife sent them for the claim. On Jan 5, 2010 my wife talked to Cheryl at American Income life and she said they hadn’t made a decision yet. On January 12, 2010 my wife talked with Crystal at American Income Lifeand that she would call my wife back. Crystal didn’t call my wife back but she did receive a call from Nancy from American Income Life on January 15, 2010 asking my wife to fax the info we had sent them as they couldn’t find the paperwork. On January 19 my wife called to ask about the status of the claim and wanted to find out what American Income Life was going to do. She was put on hold for literally 1 ½ hours waiting with noanswer. At that point she gave up and emailed them!. On Jan 20 my wife again call American Income Life and was put on hold for another hour:. She then gave up and called the Albuquerque New Mexico office!. The man in Albuquerque says he would call her back and also gave her another number to call so she could get a live personinstead of a recording?. When she called the number she was put on hold with the same recording?. She then hung up and called back and explained to the receptionist that she had been on hold with that recording before for hours with no one answering and burning up cell time?. We’ve spent more time calling American Income Life than what we would spend on our normal monthly cell bill;. Does anyone have a similar story? Does anyone have any suggestions besides calling the Insurance Commissioner? 5647af

1. Written by FAX Documents and phone to con on April 4, 2011

I have a very similar experience. When I purchased life insurance, I was instructed by the sales person that if I had an accident, the payment would be process very quickly (within 3 days it would be deposited into my account). The sales person explained it would help with immediate expenses after an accident. I had an accident and was in the hospital. My wife filled in all the forms with the medial team (which cost over $200) and couriered them to AIL. A week later my wife called and AIL stated they never received them. My wife couriered the forms again to AIL. A week later AIL informed her they had lost the documents (even though they had signed for both). AIL asked her to fax the documents. Three weeks later we received a payment (took almost two months). Now, I just received a letter from AIL asking that the hospital fill out the forms next time or we will not receive payment. The hospital did fill in all the forms. AIL lies and only want to sell you a policy. The customer service after you have signed the contract is horrible. Shop around before you purchase. I really hope my daughter doesn’t get this type of service from AIL when I pass away. I am very sad I went with AIL as when a family suffers a loss, the last thing they need is this type of run around...
A  12th of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
I feel the exact same way you do. I was told I would be working out of Ventura County (my home county) since they wanted to open an office out here, but instead my leads were in the dangerous parts of the San Fernando Valley. I'm 5'3", size 2, and look like I'm under 18, and I had to go to my leads by myself. I met some nice people on my appointments (the ones that didn't no-show) me, but was in unfamiliar territory and scared to death. Needless to say, I found a better opportunity with State Farm, and am going back to school to follow my passions. But your experience is nearly exactly mine, and I only wish I researched more than what I did before I signed on with them.

(I posted this under the wrong topic by mistake - oops!)
N  19th of Nov, 2011 by    0 Votes
I hope people realize that this is just a small sample of stories. If this company was this bad I'm sure that they wouldn't have a Triple A rating. The insurance industry is HIGHLY regulated and would not allow them to sell insurance in 49 states, Canada and now in Ireland! The insurance business is very difficult and it is not for everyone. It is hard work.
N  11th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
HORRIBLE COMPANY. FAKE AS CAN BE. DON'T TRUST THEM. -From a former employee. They lie to potential employees, just tell you what you want to hear.
D  11th of Jul, 2012 by    -1 Votes
Salesmen are born not made. Stop Whining and get a 9-5 if you can't sell then its not your bag.
N  8th of Feb, 2017 by    0 Votes
@AIL12 What an incredibly defensive statement. I worked as a phone setter for this awful place for ONE WEEK. I was paid $125 for 40 hours, not to mention unpaid training. I later got a job, and was the TOP seller in my district. I brought in more revenue in one week than most of my associates did in one month. So don't give me that load of crap. This company is rotten. Hope they are dealt with.
N  14th of Feb, 2013 by    0 Votes
I too was called for an interview by an AIL rep who said she (Lady X) had my resume and was told by her director to set-up an interview with me. The next week, I arrived for my interview, if you can call it such, 15 minutes ahead of the appointed time. The process was impersonal--more like a cattle call (I was in a room with about 15 other "candidates", some of which were to be interviewed by the same Mr. X., and some to be interviewed by other staff (from an HR standpoint, I find this unprofessional to have candidates all "huddled" together. Anyway, after a 10 minute wait, my name was called and a Mr. Z (not Mr. X as indicated when I was first contacted) greeted me, and escorted me to his office. Mr. Z did not ask me the "typical" recruiter/HR questions, in fact, his approach was more like he was attempting to sell me a vacuum cleaner, or a used car. When he completed his "script", I asked exactly which position I am being considered for, but he too just like Lady X, never gave me a direct answer, but instead said, "well we'd like to see if everyone we talk to is a "good fit" for us, and if "AIL" is a "good fit" for every candidate, but then instantly he asked me, "how is your work ethic". Mr. Z then tells me that he is going to escort me to a conference room where he would like me to sit, interact, smile, take notes, and ask questions for AIL's overview of the company, and "try to be noticed". Mr Z said this overview is necessary to see "who is a good fit". At this point, my mind is turning on all cylinders. As Mr. Z and I walk to the conference room, he hands me a "personality profile form", and he tells me to complete this form in the conference room while I am waiting for the overview to begin. The profile is 4-5 pages. When I entered the conference room, there are at least 20 so-called "candidates" already seated, filling out their "profiles", and waiting for the overview to being. At this point, I asked Mr. Z to, "point me to the direction of the restroom before I get started with the profile and overview". Mr. Z walks me over to the restroom, and greets me good-bye with, "I'll see you after the overview and have a good day". I waited in the restroom for 5 minutes, then went back to the receptionist and told her, "I am unable to stay", and I left the building and drove away in my car. AIL, in my opinion, scams people to get them in the door to a "so-called" interview, but in reality, they are looking for telemarketers/sales people; however, they never disclosed this piece of information when they initially contacted me, or when they had me meet with Mr. Z. To ask "so-called candidates" to sit for a 1 hour overview of their company, fill-out paperwork, and "try to be noticed" is beyond comprehension from an HR perspective.
A  13th of Dec, 2015 by    0 Votes
Please be advised that the above complaint regarding Sexual Harassment within the Torchmark-AIL-National Income Life Insurance Company, is correct. As a former female employee myself, sexual harassment tormented the female employees. This was endured by the " ALL" male management team in Farmingdale, New York division. I left the company immediately, as sexual harassment wasn't the only workplace violation that took place, at that location. There were numerous EEOC Laws broken, and when brought to the attention of a manager, it was laughed off. I plan on bring a lawsuit against this company, as I have more than documentation to prove the broken EEOC laws.

Also, please note, there is no HR or Legal and Compliance division, in the New York Locations. It is all fake. Just like their advertising tactics, of employing members of their staff. They lure people into " the New Offices" thinking they are interviewing for 2 different types of salaried Management positions, and the next thing you know your spending $250 in cash or $300 on your credit card, and taking a licensing course, in Life Insurance.

Like I mentioned above, the main illegal activity is sexual harassment, and it needs to ceased. This company needs to pay.

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