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After reading all of these complaints about American Income, I had to write you all about my own personal experiences with the company. 10 months ago, I closed down my company, Pro Vision Staffing Group. In short order, my house was on the verge of being foreclosed on, and I had no hope for possibly earning enough to pay my bills for myself and my daughter, who was 1 yr old at the time. On a whim, I answered an ad that was posted on craigslist, offering a position as a union enroller for $700 per week. I went in for the interview, and I was intrigued by the mere hope of being able to start a business for myself, with the support of a larger team. I took my last $500, and used it to put myself through insurance school and pay for my license.

Fast forwarding to today, my house is out of foreclosure, and bit by bit I am putting my life back together. I am paid an almost obscene amount of money for meeting with families who are just like me, working hard every day hoping that the future will be better for their children.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in St paul, MN Has it been easy, no! I work retail hours, sometimes 60 hours or more a week. My managers push me daily past my comfort zone, and I am achieving more success than I ever believed was possible.

One thing I would advise though, is that you find the right office, that has the right managers to train you properly to succeed. All of my success is based on the fact that my manager is the kind of person that I would call to come pick me up at 3 AM when my car breaks down. He is on the grind from 8 am to 11 and always picks up when I call. I have seen more people with more experience than me, and more talent fail because their manager failed to manage them properly. I will never be an employee again, and I will never work for another company again.

If you have the right manager training you, and are willing to work harder than you ever have before, you will be successful in this business.

I am a real person, my name is Ini Augustine, and American Income changed my life. You can google me if you like, I have the credentials, know how and experience to know that this opportunity has changed my life, and it can change yours too.

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  • Kr
      Nov 12, 2008
    American Income - False hope
    American Income
    New Mexico
    United States

    So I read some of the posted complaints about American Income and the so-called job opportunities that they call and try to sell you on!! I too received a call this morning from a "representative" from this company who also found my resume on and felt that I was a "perfect fit" to be a manager for American Income.
    Apparently these so-called "reps" do read from a script because I was told word for word what all of the other "perfect fits" were told; show up dressed professionally and bring in a hard copy of my resume to interview for the manager position.
    I am so GLAD that I did my research on this company prior to showing up at my first interview tomorrow morning!! I will not be showing up for this interview nor can I cancel my appointment because as another one of the people who has complained said. . . .no voicemail to leave a message on and now no one is answering the "business phone?!?!"
    Thanks for the forum to get this information out there to those of us who are looking for REAL employers and who don't have the time to mess around with a joke like this!!

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  • Am
      Feb 09, 2009
    American Income - Thanks you
    United States

    I am so glad my husband checked this place out online. I had an interview set up for tomorrow 2/10/09 and I am no longer going. 51 complaints about a company is not a fluke. I even went as far as to put in multiple company's I had previously worked for and company's I had never worked for on this website and NO ONE had a complaint. OMG thank you everyone for commenting on this place.

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