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I spent over 1 hour on phone waiting for a live body at American Home Shield to answer. Then that person hung up on me while I was speaking. The next time I called, it was 20 minutes for someone to answer. The AHS plumber, "P.D." at Kintex, who came to evaluate my cold water faucet, that I had thought had apparently broken off from the base, spent a total of 5 minutes evaluating the problem. He did not use any tools, he did not look underneath the sink, he did not attempt any repair, and he did not ask me any questions. He then apparently, I found out later, reported that the faucet handle had broken off due to "misuse". Normal wear and tear are covered under the contract but "misuse" is not. Therefore, AHS denied any request for subsequent repair or replacement and said that "misuse" was not covered in the contract. I then called several times to AHS to dispute this evaluation by this "plumber", since I have only lived here in this dwelling for a couple of months and there was no way that this faucet was misused, but I was told that there was no way for the assessment by this "plumber" to be disputed and that a second opinion by a 2nd plumbing company might cost me another $75.00 service fee. I was LIVID!!! This American Home Shield company should be investigated for fraud. And as soon as I figure out the avenue for that, I will be the one to do it. I will not rest until they are exposed.

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  • Updated by ChristinaCarlee, Oct 15, 2017

    I then called "P.D." at Kintex Plumbing directly to find out why and how he had determined that my faucet handle problem was a result of "misuse", as he had reported. "P.D" (that was the only name he would give) had a very significant accent and said he was Bulgarian. He then told me that "normal wear and tear" (which happens to be covered by AHS) and "misuse" are the same thing. I told him that they indeed are NOT the same thing! I asked for the name of his supervisor but he would only tell me that it was someone named "Sue" and that he did not have her last name.

  • Updated by ChristinaCarlee, Oct 15, 2017

    By the way...I want to let the American Home Shield complaint department know that I have also copied my complaint to my U.S. Senators, Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson. I have also copied in my congressional representatives, Gus Bilirakis, Kathy Castor, and Charlie Crist.

Oct 15, 2017
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      Oct 28, 2017

    Funny, I saw facebook on their website, and clicked on it, and saw your complaint. I am also having an issue with AHS, and have called four times, and been waiting for someone to pick up for over an hour myself. I have been a policy holder for many years, and while there are some glitches, it has never been like this. I am also incorrectly being denied on a plumbing issue that should be covered, and will also continue the fight, as they are 100% wrong. FYI, a plumber also tried to pull the "misused" faucet angle on me too once, and it was BS. Keep on fighting, and good luck. It is incredibly frustrating!

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