American Home Shieldfurnace

The furnace stopped working in cold January, their technician came and refused tell me what the problem was, and when I called AHS, they said they have to give him 48 hours to tell them what the issue is, remember this is in cold January, after 48 hours, they said they are still waiting, I told them I will hire somebody to take care of the problem, they suggested second opinion, which means more service fee and wasted time, my technician found the problem and fixed on the spot, when I called them back to ask for reimbursement, they said their technician called them at last and told them the issue was burned wires and I need new furnace, and they said it is not covered under the warranty.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Belleville, ILIt is obvious they hire people find them excuses not to cover services.They claim they have comprehensive coverage and it is false.I cancelled the warranty, it's a rip off.

Feb 04, 2017

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