American Home Shield / failure to cancel account after 15 calls

Memphis, United States

Had American home shield for our home. We sold the home and called to cancel the policy. A month later we got a refund for the policy. A few days later we got a bill for American home shield. We called and they said it was an error and to disregard. A month later we received a collection notice. We called and were told the policy had not been cancelled and they would fix it since there was a record of us calling for the policy to be canceled. Every month since we have received collection notices. We call and it's the same story. I even requested for management to call and verify the account closed, they did and the next month we still got a collection notice. So they lied to me. We received a letter saying it had been closed and guess what, we received a collection notice 2 weeks later. This company is the worst. I don't care if I have to pay $200 more a month for another company. I will never use ahs again. Ever!

Mar 18, 2014

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