American Home Shieldair conditioning contractor has unethical behavior

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On friday. August 3, 2018 I contacted ahs regarding my air conditioning system going out and they sent out csc calibrated service company on 8/7/2018 and tom came out and told me that I needed a new compressor and that my out of pocket for coolant was $800. He has the part ordered and when I called kathy (the scheduler who is clearly not fit to be in contact with clients) told me that I needed to pay $800 once the compressor is picked up from the warehouse and the tech is in route to me. She told me that ahs ordered the wrong compressor and it could potentially take 8-10 business days to get a new one. I asked her for an invoice of the break down of charges before I would provide upfront payment. She said she could not explain the fees but would get tom to call me and explain the fees. Tom called me back and he was very rude and abrupt telling me if I didnt have the money then maybe I just wanted to 'be hot'. I advised him that this was an expedite and that I had an elderly parent and infant child in the house and yes I had the money but I wanted to know what I was paying for and to have an invoice of the charges before I provided him my bank information. He told me that if I needed an invoice he would cancel my tech in route because an invoice would take a few days. He told me that if I did not pay in 5 minutes then he was re routing his tech. He hung up the phone in my face.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Houston, AK I spoke with him respectfully and he was fast talking me, making rude comments, and being very unprofessional. When I called kathy back to let her know I still needed the invoice after providing her with 2 email address, and that tom was rude... She stated that she did not think he was rude at all and then she hung up in my face!!! "unbelievable and unimaginable!!"

I called ahs back and asked them to send another contractor out for a 2nd opinion because I did not trust the integrity of tom or his professionalism, they sent out another company royal flush and paul was very knowledgeable and professional and honest. He estimated my out of pocket cost to be $300 - $800 and he provided me a tentative invoice.

When I spoke with ahs they advised me that I would have to go with tom since the 2nd opinion had the same diagnostic of the problem even after offering to pay both service fees to both companies for coming out to my home.

I feel that is is totally unacceptable to send contractors out that is unprofessional and disrupts a household in rudeness and make your clients pay for their services without any additional option to use the 2nd contractor. I have been on hold for hours, promised to be called back by 2 supervisors without any follow-up. I have now contacted the corporate headquarters and requesting for someone to call me who simply cares about the customers and their well-being... Hence the name "american home shield" that signifies the protection of a home in its entirety.

Aug 10, 2018
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      Sep 08, 2018

    I am fed up with AHS! I called two times last night because my A/C is out and it was almost 90 degrees in the house. The first time I called they said they were going through a system update and took my information and issue with a promise to call me back with in 30 minutes to expedite my request. Two hours later I call back and immediately, without any sort of greeting or questions, am told there is system is updating and I should call back tomorrow- effectively trying to end the call without me saying ONE word! I made that individual take my information too. I asked if I could put in an expedited request online, and they said now it had to be on the phone but he too was noting it needed to be expedited. I was again promised a call back. I called again today, THIRD CALL, and was told they could not expedite my request because it was not over 105 outside. It's "only" projected to be 93. I pointed out that if it is 93 outside it will be hotter in my house and I had kids, but she said no there was nothing they could do. This was frustrating because if I had known that I could have schedule my service request online after the first call. I asked to speak to a manager, she asked why I needed to speak to a manager so for the third time in just my phone call with her I told her about my frustrations with the service I had received. She kept trying to stop me from talking to a supervisor or manager and when I insisted she put me on hold and within in seconds they being put on hold they ended the call. Yes they hung up on me. The website says they want our feedback, but it's only information to put in a service request and a link to their FAQ. As others have said, this is the worst customer service I have received. I would encourage no one to do business with them. I will not be continuing my contract. They are a joke!

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