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I called in a service request for my upstairs AC, a week went by and no one called me to advise a repair tec would come out. I called back several times during the week and was told it was given to a company. I called the company directly and they told me it was a glitch in their system but they was booked up until the following week. I called AHS back and they reassigned the ticket to a different company, the new company came out 2 days later only to tell me that my system was a mix match system and he wasn't about to work on it because it was going to break down again. He said the outside unit was too old to work with the inside unit and the outside unit needed to be replaced. He said he would return the ticket to AHS stating his diagnosis. No one from AHS contacted me so I called back and was told that the TEC did report the issue but not to the correct department. I was told he needed to call Authorizations, the tec disputed this and said AHS was BS'ing me. It took another week just to get the ticket called in to Authorizations. Once Authorizations received the ticket they put in a request for a different company to come out. In the process of waiting on the new company, the downstairs AC stopped working because it was overworking itself trying to cool the entire house. The new company dispatched 5 days later only to tell me that he fixed the downstairs unit by adding 2 lbs of free-on and he was charging me $120 for that, I asked him if he fixed the upstairs AC because he had never come inside the house and he said it was overcharged so he had to let 3 lbs of free-on out and that it was fixed. I checked the upstairs and it wasn't working. I asked him to come inside and look at it, he got defensive and said I'm getting the correct reading out here, I said so are you going to come inside to be sure it's working and he didn't want to, but came inside and said it will get cool soon, it's going to take a while. I also asked him to look at the unit in the attic and he did and said it was mix match and installed in the past year or so and that the outside unit was 13 years old. He stated it was going to keep breaking but that AHS don't care, they only want him to keep fixing it. He said they will never replace it. The tec left at 6pm, the next morning the upstairs never cooled off and is still not working. The upstairs unit was installed by a contractor West End Air a year or so ago, they are responsible for installing the new unit without replacing the outside unit. The attic unit is a 14 sear and the outside is a 10 sear. I have an asthmatic son with a heart condition and I remind AHS and each contractor of this each time I talk to them and they have yet to resolve this issue. My family of 5 have been sleeping in our family room for almost 30 days now. I don't know what else to do at this point. I pay $45/month for the past 5 years or more to AHS and I've never called them to repair anything other than my AC upstairs. I feel that they are not fixing the problem, just putting a Band-Aid on it, oh and I forgot to mention that each time they come out, the contractor claims to put free-on in it and charges me a ton of money. The previous tec that came out charged me $525 for free-on for the same upstairs unit that is not working right now, the same one that the tec said he let out 3 lbs because it was charged up too much. What can we do? I've escalated the calls and they refuse to let me speak with a supervisor.

May 19, 2017

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