American Furniture Warehouse / close the store if you can't buy or pickup

Englewood, CO, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 303-799-9044

I went to American Furniture on February 8th, 2010 to buy a sofa and table. I get there around 7:00 pm and I'm told I can't buy anything. I just drove 45 minutes and am not able to purchase what I went there for. I am told by an employee the computers are down. If that's the case why does their website advise the stores were closing early and then didn't close?? Why keep a store open if you can't buy or pickup your furniture. On top of that there were salespeople on the floor. I used to sell furniture and know for a fact they are 100% commission. Is this how American Furniture treats their commissioned salespeople??? That's called free labor Jake Jabs and is against the law!!! I felt sorry for these poor people as much as I felt sorry for myself for not being able to accomplish what I went there to do. I ended up going to Furniture Row and made a purchase with them and received wonderful service! I told several people about my experience and everyone agreed no store should remain open if you can't do business. Much less keep a staff on hand that's there for free!! I will never waste my time going to American Furniture again!


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