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American Family Insurance / Taking advantage of the financially challenged.

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I was involved in an auto accident with a driver insured by American Family Insurance. At the time I lived in a state that does not have mandatory insurance laws. Though I did have insurance for some time, I was forced to drop it for financial reasons. The accident took place just over the border in Illinois; the other driver "thought" she had a green turn arrow and turned in front of me, causing the cars to collide. She received the ticket and even pled guilty in court. American Family Insurance refused to repair my car, which, per three estimates, is totaled. In my conversation with the claims adjuster I was informed that it doesn't matter that their driver was ticketed AND pled guilty in court, they (American Family Ins.) believe I ran a red light and am at fault. They have since requested payment from ME to reimburse them for repairing their drivers' car. It has since been turned over to a Chicago law firm for collections in the amount of over $9,800.00 !!
I am also being threatened by the Illinois Dept. of Transportation with the possibility of having my registration and driving privilages suspended.
I have to take money out of my IRA in order to hire an attorney. American Family Insurance does NOT treat people as family, unless you are the black sheep. They are condescending bullies who take advantage of anyone they can.

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  • Ds
      14th of Nov, 2008
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    I was recently hit by a driver who carried American Family Commercial Insurance. I was in a right lane and she was in the left and turned right and clipped my front end with her rear quarter panel. She admitted fault and apoligized and gave me her info, when I contacted her company they told me that they would only pay 80% of my damages because I did not pay attention. I asked the adjuster if he got hit the same way by a driver in the lane to his left and they turned right and cut him off if he would settle for 80% he said that was not the issue. I'll bet American Family isn't his carrier. The woman that hit me was very upset and said this is why she carries insurance so that when she needs it it should cover any damage she may cause. She pays her premiums and has never had an accident, but because of her insurance she will now have to pay out of pocket for the damage to my car.
    I am glad no one was injured but I am also mad that this company can treat people this way and get away with it.

  • Wi
      15th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I know someone who had full coverage insurance with American Family insurance. Their car was vandalized while sitting on a car repair shop's lot. The car repair shop did not have car insurance for their lot which is not required in the state of Missouri. When the owner of the car called the American Family Insurance to report that the car was involved in vandalism, the American Family claims adjuster failed and did not even bother to come out to the scene of the crime where the car was left sitting there on the parking lot of the car repair shop to photograph the car or view the surrounding area where the crime occurred.
    That means, that they missed seeing the other cars in the parking lot that were also vandalized, the wooded fence and the wired fence that surrounded the lot and the other side of the car repair shop that was not fenced in.
    Once American Family finally had the car was towed off of the lot where it was vandalized, and taken to another car repair shop for an estimate on the damages, American Family Insurance picked out just one thing to fix, and accused the owner of the car of having a collision that was not remembered and that is where the other damages came from in order to scam out of fixing all of the damages.

    The only amount of money that American Family Insurance put out was less than $100.00. They also, hid the other damages from the car owner when speaking with the owner on the phone. Both American Family Insurance and the car repair shop told the owner that her car was ready and repaired ready to be picked up.
    When the owner got there to pick the car up, only a portion of the damages were repaired while the other damages were left not repaired. Everyone in the American Family organization agreed to the first person, not anyone of them spoke up for the truth.
    Scamming on their own clients...horrible insurance company they need to shut down...They did not even do a diagnostic test on the car after it was vandalized to determine all damages that occurred.

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