American Family Carebilling - getting bills for co-pay that was paid in cash

I went to the AFC Urgent Care on 9/23/17. Smyrna, TN location. Visit ID [protected]. Guarantor/Acct ID # 2651769. I was informed by the front desk that their debit/credit card system was currently down. She said that we could try running our debit card through, but it might charge us twice. She said that we would have to pay our co-pay of 25.00 with a check or preferably in cash. We don't carry the checkbook with us. My husband did have 25.00 cash on him. We paid before I even saw the doctor. My husband did not get a receipt, not even sure they offered to give him one. In October I received a bill in the mail with a due date of 11/5/2017 for a balance due of 25.00. My husband called the billing inquiry number [protected] on the statement. Whoever he spoke with said they would take care of it. Then we recieved another bill in the mail with a due date of 12/04/2017 for the same balance of 25.00. I called on 11/20/17, the person I spoke with told me that they had had problems of this same nature with the Smyrna, TN location, tht she would check with the office manager at that location and get it straightened out. I asked her if she could call me back, she asked me to call her back on Monday, 11/27/2017. I called back today, Tuesday 11/28/2017.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Smyrna, TN I spoke with Constance, who did not understand my situation and wanted to know who was supposed to call where and get it straightened out. I told her what the person I spoke with had said, who I unfortunately forgot to get a name for. She told me the person I needed to talk to was on another line and would have to call me back. I told her I didn't mind holding, she insisted that I leave my name and number, that otherwise she could do nothing. She was not at all helpful, rude, and I did get upset with. I did go ahead and leave my number, and I got a return call shortly from Shelia Coleman, who apparently was the woman I spoke with previously. I gave her my info again, she asked if I remembered what time I was seen, were there many people there. I told her I wasn't sure but maybe around 1:00, and that there weren't many people there, they were leaving because they didn't have the cash to pay. She again stated that they were having problems with that location. She was able to pull up where I signed in for my appointment. Told me that she would have to make some notes and speak with her supervisor, who is out of town until Thursday. She said she will call me back on Thursday. She was nicer and more helpful. I want this resolved, no more bills, and a letter stating from American Family Care on their letterhead stating that the co-pay of $25.00 was paid in full at time of service. I have excellent credit, and I have never had anything like this happen before.

Nov 28, 2017

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