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Led me to believe that opting to the interest on my private-student loan, monthly, would in no-way effect my credit score if I ever couldn't pay it. Well, of course, now that I'm about to graduate (therefore, I have zero time to work) and I cannot pay my monthly interest - instead of helping me, AES has marred my credit so badly that now I can't even get anything through credit, even with a co-signer.



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      Jan 21, 2010

    I agree with your complaint. My son just recieved a 1098 e form from this company which baffles us .. He never recieved a student loan from them in the first place. The school he had applied for but decided not to attend sent the money back to American
    Education Services yet he is being charged intrest rates on a loan he never recieved. I have emailed them and they said that this would be corrected that was two years ago and still isnt corrected..
    Now this is effecting his credit rating. Why because of their ignorance.. I am going to seek legal advise regarding this matter.

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