American Eagle Outfitterswebsite technical difficulties and customer service

I am a frequent customer at american eagle, and have recently received many discount coupons from my aerewards account. So I went on to use my 40% off coupon and every time I entered the discount code, the products in my bag said "free" and the total balance read as $0.00. This also happened to me in three orders I had placed before. (I thought maybe the problem was my computer, but even when I tried on a different one the same problem occurred.) so I tried to enter the discount code again and again and again and still no change. When I went to place my order, the real amount finally showed up. So I entered the discount code again and the correct amount including 40% off showed up. So when I pressed "place order," the total amount changed back to the original price without the discount!! I went back and read my order and it charged my card an extra $50! I immediately called customer service and they said all they could do was refund me the difference in gift card form because the order was paid for partially by gift card. Which is unfair because the extra amount was charged onto my credit card. I had no desire for an ae gift card after the problem that just occurred, I just wanted my money back! I am so frustrated and disappointed because I loved ae. Unfortunately, I will not be shopping at anymore.

Jan 29, 2013

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