American Eagle Outfittersunethical behavior

I went into the Rockaway Mall in New Jersey to get a new pair of pants after my jeans had ripped, they had also begun to feel really big and fall down a lot. I bought the same pair, the same fit, the same wash, the same size (just to be safe). When I put them on the next day, they didn't fit (I'm talking like stomach in pain because they were so tight not fit), so I went back in the hopes of exchanging. When I did so, I asked the manager, Brielle, if they had changed their sizes and she told me, "No, they changed the fabric though so you have to find a pair that actually fits you instead of trying to squeeze into smaller sizes." She then walked away. I think it would benefit your company to hire people who aren't rude. But that's just my opinion.

May 19, 2017

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