American Eagle / returns

capital tx hw BARTON CREEK MALL, Austin, TX, United States

I went to american eagle to return some shorts.. Never worn them.. Took the tags off but I went in the store to return them. I had the tags and the receipt present with me. I guess the manager was upset or something because I was returning them. I understand how returns hurt the store. I work in retail as well. But I know that I never worn the shorts. He was complaining about the short they look worn there stains this and that but there was nothing there. I could'nt even wear the shorts. They were to big for me. He was screaming and yelling and was giving me an attitude. He was rolling his eyes and being very ugly to me. I have shopped at that american eagle at barton creek mall for years now. I will call customer service on him and let him know how I was treated. I feel like I could never go in there again. I am stuck with a pair of shorts that are to big and I dont want. He would not even let me exchange them. The american eagle at barton creek mall in austin tx. Is very rude and unfriendly.


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