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American Dental Concepts / Rude, uninformed and unprofessional front desk staff

1 Voorhees, NJ, United States

It was necessary for me to change dentists/periodontists because I retired and my regular dentist did not accept Aetna Dental through Medicare. I hit the American Dental Concepts website and was satisfied with what I read and found their financial arrangements easy to handle. No downpayment and convenient financing.

On my first visit, I was told I needed fillings and a crown replaced. We proceeded with the fillings and another appointment was made for the crown. At that time I was told they required $100 upfront to make the appt, which I thought was odd but I paid it. The total bill for the crown would be $744. On 4/20 the work was started, impressions made and a temporary crown was put in place. I was told the permanent crown would be ready in 3 weeks. At the close of that appointment, I was told by the receptionist that payment in full was required now so that the crown could be ordered. I told them I was not advised of this but I would give them another $250 and fully expected to make another appointment to come back in 3 weeks to have the crown put in place. No, she responded, we need the whole amount. I refused since I was not advised of this policy beforehand and as the receptionist said, "I did not sign a treatment plan." I explained that I was not accustomed to paying in full for a service that was not completed. I stood at the front desk while the office manager who was sitting next to the receptionist totally ignored the problem and just left me standing there, in silence. I gave them the $250 check and left, figuring I paid them for half the procedure.

I returned the following week for a periodontal treatment and left my name at the front desk to confirm my arrival. I was left sitting in the waiting room for almost 25 minutes when the hygenist came out, introduced herself and when we got back to the treatment room, she told me I was not on the schedule and she had no idea I was waiting for her. The receptionist was obviously performing her vendetta nonsense.

On my way out, I gave a different receptionist my co-pay for the day's visit and asked her if the office manager was in. She said he was out to lunch. I asked her for his name and she refused to give me his last name. (I wanted to asked if he was on the 10 Most Wanted List) The conversation turned to the crown which was still in limbo, and her snotty mouth told me I had to apply for a charge through their financial institution before they would order the crown. I asked her if the firm was in bad financial condition since they needed more than $350 to order the crown. I was also shocked to learn that their website advertises one thing and their policies are quite different. I was never told at the end of the 4/20 visit about their financial services, only that I had to pay for the procedure upfront before it was completed.

My dog's vet treats my dog better than these toxic children at the front desk treat their patients. I have never been spoken to in the tone I was on that day or on any visit I have had there. Their attitude apparently is "we're here for your convenience, if you don't like it, go someplace else."

I will do just that, thank you.

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