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American Credit Services / Fraud and Harrassment

1 CA, United States Review updated:

I received a phone call on my cell from an "unknown number". I do not answer such calls, so I let it go to my voicemail. A man with a heavy foreign accent left a message stating that, "I or my attorney needed to call him back immediately regarding a case against me". He went on to say, "if I did not call back, then good luck to me". This "threat" made me call back because I was concerned as to the nature of the call. When I called back a female with a very heavy accent answered the phone and asked for my telephone number so she could look up my information. Once I gave her the telephone number, she told me that I took out a payday loan and did not pay it back. I had taken out a payday loan online for $300 almost a year prior and had paid it back in full. I informed her of this and she began to threaten me and was extremely rude. She said if I had paid the loan back, I would not be on their list, that my file would be transferred to investigators the next day, the investigators were going to come to my house or my place of employment, I would have to go to court and pay over $5, 000, ect. When I continued to dispute the matter, she hung up the phone. I became even more concerned and decided to call back. This time a man answered the phone and again I was asked for my telephone number. He began to recite my bank account number, the name of one of my family members and a date that the loan was taken out. I began to wonder if the loan company whom I had dealt with in the past may have made an error, so asked him for the name of the creditor. He could not tell me. I asked for an account or customer number and again he could not tell me. I went so far as to ask what address he had on file for me, he could not tell me. He did say that I owed $1500 and then changed it to $725. I hung up the phone upset and trying to figure out what was going on, then it hit me. Their biggest mistake he made was in regards to the date that I had taken out the so-called loan. I realized that I had not opened that particular bank account until four months after he claimed I received the loan. How could someone give me money into an account that did not exist? I knew then that their was something "fishy" about these people and they had my bank account information. Long story short, I called back several times and went "head to toe" with these people attempting to get to the bottom of what they were trying to do and where they were located. All they would tell me was the name of the company (American Credit Services) and that they were out of California. Prior to hanging up the telephone, they said that an investigator would be at my door to take me away. This happened two days ago. It was still bothering me, so I decided to google the name and here I am. I only wish that I had thought to do this when it was happening. I am very upset! I plan to report this to the police in my area, the BBB and whoever else along the way. Someone needs to stop them and they need to be arrested. Everyone be aware of this and pass this scam information along to others. If it happens to you, dont let it go, say something so that they can not get away with this anymore!

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  • Dl
      25th of May, 2009
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    If they did get your correct account info, then you need to call your bank ASAP. No, I take that back, you need to go to your bank in person and speak with the bank manager to inform them as to the phone call you received. Ask them if in their opinion you should close that account and open a new account so they can not attach a lien against your account and drain it of all funds. If the manager tells you it's safe to keep your current account open, ask what steps will be taken to make sure that this company does not get your money.

    Now, with that being said, since you said both the man and the woman had heavy foreign accents, then the company you took out the loan from has outsource their collections department to a company in a foreign country. They are trained to be as aggressive as they need to be to get you to send the money you supposedly owe. They will threaten you, tell you that you will be arrested, they will threaten to call your boss, neighbors, co-workers, etc. and let them know you do not pay your bills. They do this because they are told to do this by the loan company because they know that US law can not do one thing to the employees at this foreign "debt collection" services.

    Any more phone calls you get from this company don't just hang up because they will just to continue to call you. You need to let them know the following: The loan was paid off and when, that you want the harassing phone calls to stop immediately, that the BBB has been contacted and that you have contacted the attorney general about the threats you received from this country. While not much can be done to the people making these calls as they are not in the US, the company who hired them can be held responsible although, getting anything to stick is hard because they will claim that they have no control over threats coming from another company in a foreign land. They will at least be put on notice that they are being monitored and if you're lucky, the calls may stop.

    I live in Virginia and in my state, we can record any phone conversation without informing the party we are talking to that they are being recorded and even if in your state you can not do that legally, it usually means that it would not be allowed as evidence but it may lead to a fine or arrest so check with the attorney general before doing this. Now if some where in the conversation they say that they are recording the call (sometimes when you pick up the phone you'll hear that recording saying that this call may be recorded or monitored) then you too should be able to record the conversation without telling them because they already know they are being recorded by their company. If nothing else, you will then have a record to the lengths these people are going with their harassment, scare tactics and threats.

    If you know that you have paid off this debt, do not let them continue to harass you. You can find out the loan company's name and either email them or call them (I prefer email because then I have proof that I contacted them) and let them know you have paid off this loan yet they are letting their foreign debt collection department harass you and that you want it stopped immediately and that you will be contacting the attorney general in your state unless all calls are stopped.

    Good Luck

  • De
      26th of May, 2009
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    Dls, thank you for the advise. I appreciate it, however I do not believe that you read my scenerio or the other complanints thoroughly. These people are not being hired by a company to collect a debt. They are doing what they are doing on their own accord in an attempt to steal money from people. I contacted the company that gave me the loan. They were fully aware of the fact that I paid that loan in full and aware of the scam that these people are running on myself and others. It is fraud "pure and simple". They are not in a foreign country. I did a reverse look up on the phone number they called me from and other research, which proves that they are in California -Glendale or Orange County to be exact. They even tell you they are from California when you ask who they are and where they are calling from. There is a legitimate company "American Credit Services" in California and they are also aware of the scam. There is no recording when they call stating that the call is being recorded or that the call is an attempt to collect a debt, because they are utilizing "pay as you go" phones. There is certainly no way to e-mail these individuals and no reason to because it is a scam. Hopefully the Attorney General's office will investigate this before they steal from more innocent people. I was one of the lucky ones who did not fall for it. I am still upset - not only do I have to change my account, but these people have my social security number, driver's license number, ect. Protecting myself is costing time and money. They should not be getting away with this.

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