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American Credit ServicesPhone call regarding a supposed loan

Received a phone call from number listed as [protected]. The gentleman named Johnathon on the phone had a strong accent and stated it was urgent I or my attorney contact him at [protected] (not the phone number listed on the caller id). Since this appeared suspicious, I first called the number listed on the caller id [protected]) and the service provider indicated the number was no longer working. I then called the [protected] phone number and I had to call this number several times before I was able to get through. The individual on the line stated his name was Andrew Brown and he was an attorney with the Crime Monitoring Division Law Firm based out of California with the zip code listed as 92805. He stated that if I did not pay approximately $1500.00 by today, I would be sued for approximately $5500.00 beginning on tomorrow by American Credit Services. He stated someone would come to my place of business and arrest me and I would be very sorry. He stated this payday loan has been in default for over a year (since 01/08) and that I had neglected to respond to over fifteen (15) emails sent to me. I never recalled requesting a payday loan from an American Credit Services and surely would not have ignored a default of over year nor emails, so I requested Account information regarding the loan. Mr. Brown stated he did not have any account information other than he knew ALL my personal information and that I needed to settle this matter IMMEDIATELY. I told him I wanted to honor all my obligations, but I needed more information before making a $1500.oo payment. I requested he have copies of the emails sent to me or a copy of the supposed contract and he stated that would be a conflict of interest between his law firm and American Credit Services. I requested he at least give me a loan number because every loan has an account number, but he kept referring to my personal information and I found this to be very creepy. I then asked for at least a contact number for American Credit Services and Mr. Brown stated he could not provide this information. I became further suspicious. Mr. Brown stated I would need to fax two (2) letters to [protected] with the first letter containing a letter of apology listing my full name and the second letter containing authorization for me to make payment. I then said I wanted to talk to his financial services department to make arrangements for the payment of $1500.00 and he transferred the call. A young woman answered and I began asking what the loan account number was to I could reference this in my payment and she started to stumble in her speech and put me on hold. When she came back I could hear Mr. Brown speaking to someone else in the background and she said she did not have an account number other than my personal information (that Mr. Brown had provided to me earlier) and that if I wanted specifics she could transfer me back to the attorney. I asked her the attorney's name and she said the gentleman I had been speaking with but could not give me a specific name. I was getting more suspicious by the minute. While speaking with her over the phone I began searching the internet for this American Credit Services and could not find out any specific information. The more questions I asked the more confused the young woman became and stressed I might need to talk back with the attorney. I told her that was not necessary and I asked what forms of payment she accepted. She stated they would accept credit cards and/or debit cards and I told her I would make payment but I needed to transfer funds into my account and hung up. While searching on the website for American Credit Services or Crime Monitoring Division Law Firm of California, I stumbled upon another complaint for American Credit Services. Because the complaint I read sounded so similar to mine, I felt the need to make a complaint as well.


  • Season Michele Rivet Sep 25, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just got off the phone with these people. They have been calling my phone for weeks. I finally listened to one of the messages (always just deleted them before) and the silly little man sounded like he was trying to threaten me. Well Y'ALL Im from a little town north of Houston, TEXAS and my daddy didnt raise me to be pushed around by any man EVER. So, I took a few relaxing sips from my sweet tea and I proceeded to return this phone call. They said they were looking for me I told them I am ME and he hung up. Well that was very unsatisfying so I called again and again and again (just like they do) and apparently they dont like that too much. Finally a different little man called himself Peter... 'round here we call something else a Peter but thats a different conversation, , but this Peter would not explain anything to me other than I needed a lawyer because Monday when I am served I'm gonna be in trouble. hmmm ... mmmm hmm ok I said well uhh Mr Peter you might wanna warn your "officer" whom you plan to send here to serve me, that IF by some grace of whatever God you believe in, he gets past all 3 farm dogs and gets close to the front door he better watch for that mean ### white rooster that seems to get way too much pleasure out of hearing grown men squeel ( and trust that when them long sharp spurs are suddenly burried in your thigh you will squeel) and he some how manages to make it to my front door, one last thing he might wanna remember is that daddy also bought me a shiny new pistol that I been itchin to test. I ended my conversation with the little Peter, telling him he needed to go scare somebody that he could convince and to have a blessed day. and really warn you guy k... bye now y'all be sweet. He didnt tell me bye back he just hung up on me. That was very rude of him. Although I usually dont look forward to Mondays... this time I am.

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  • Ad
    Adria Jackson May 04, 2015

    Hey, apparently this is happening a lot. I just got a call from a Stephen..He has called me several times with the same scenarios of you guys.. They have called my job and has all of my personal information as well. If they call back I will definitely get to the bottom of it. The guy also left me a voice message saying if I don't contact them or my attorney then he wish me good luck. I'm glad I read these comments..

    Thank you

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  • Kn
    Knight197 Jul 25, 2014

    That same thing just happened to me but from the phone # [protected] and he told me it could cost me up to $8, 000 to settle the loan and if I didn't pay that there was going to be an arrest warrant issued within the week and when I told him I thought this was a scam and was going to call the police he hung up and when I called the phone # back it just keep ringing.

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  • Fe
    Fed Up wit tis SH!T Mar 26, 2014

    Does anybody have an address for them,
    When I ask the refuse to give one only run on about the actions they will take.
    Nasty people, calling everybody you know from a database.
    File a complaint with your states Attorney Generals office.

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  • Ar
    Arayanna Aug 04, 2011

    My gosh I can not believe this guy I posted not more than 3 minutes ago it is 1 am an he called! Says his name is Andrew Mcgovern I think he said ... isn't there something we can do?

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  • Ar
    Arayanna Aug 04, 2011

    Ok so these 'people' and I use this term loosely started calling me about 3 days ago- first telling my son I was going to be arrested and he should call someone to come stay with him.. Today they left 4 messages as an "Officer John Conner" I ignored them until they called my work. I am a manager of a payday loan company LOL and he decided to screw with them a bit. I explained the FDIC rules, questioned what county he was an office with and how he got the job as he could not speak English very well. Then asked him for proof of anything he was saying! H stumbled a little and went back to the "you will be arrested" thing and I just laughed at him. So I moved to a more personal line of questioning I said "seriously dude- John Conner as in the Terminator movies?? Come on don't they teach you anything??? Do you really expect me to believe that you - a man who can not even pronounce the word FRAUD correctly is named JOHN CONNER... lol I told him I was going to call him every day and soon we would be great friends! Then I said " I'll be back" in my best impersonation and hung up!

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  • Jl
    Jlydey Jul 29, 2011

    I got another phone call from American Credit Services claiming I owed a Usa payday loan company, and their was a lawsuit against me and my social security number. I never had a payday loan with this company and I hung up on the guy. Heavy accent and an American name. John smith or something like that. the phone number is [protected], at least this time I didn't listen and even if I had I couldn't understand him anyways.

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  • Ih
    ihatefraud2 May 06, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Apparantley, this is still going on. They call my place of business and say they are from the Legal Department of ACS. They left a message and said it was very important that I call them back. Their accent is very thick and it sounds like they are reading from a script. I wish there was something I could do but it seems like I have no recourse since I can't tell where they are calling from or what they are calling about. Makes me sick b/c they are calling my job!!!

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  • Ll
    lllora Mar 29, 2011

    i lost sleep over a weekend worried because of similar situations to the ones listed. unfortunately, i agreed to pay and have lost over $6000. to these scam artists. What I want to know is how they get all the info they get. Who is the person (or persons) responsible. Luckily, I was able to recupe some of the money they scammed. But they even took money out without authorization. We regained $3500 back, but are still out $2700 that I know of. I have typed a 5 page letter to the attorney general's office with phonen umbers and dates, but have not heard anything back. I have called these scam artists, they just laugh at you. After we recuped some of the money, these scam artists started calling again and the caller id would show up as 911 emergency, so beware. The original phone calls from these people were alot like what everyone here says. They are foreign and even blow loud trumpet music to annoy the heck out of you. Every one of them claims they are an "officer

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  • Wj
    wjannith Dec 09, 2010

    I just received this call and cried my eyes out just now about this matter thinking to myself how could this happen to me and I cried so much the "Mr. Brown" individual kept saying not to cry we will figure something out. Thank God I looked this up. I was really scared and freaked out. Now I know better than to put my information on the internet. I have to definitely start taking protection of my information. I didnt even get a real number on my phone, all it said was 1000. I guess they are not use to crying people because I had no idea how I was going to pay. They asked for $862 which he wanted to pay $600 of which I can pay in January.

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  • Ap
    ap3 Sep 27, 2010

    I got a payday loan in June of this year; I fell into a financial hardship and was not able to pay it off, leaving a balance of 600.00 on my account. I called the payday loan company, Cash Net USA, and made payment arrangements. Then I got a call at work from an unavailable # [protected], a man with a strong Indian accent answered and asked to speak with “Apple” my name is April. I asked who was calling and he wouldn’t tell me so I hung up. I got two more phone calls within 5 minutes so I blocked the number. Then he left a message he stated his name was Officer Zack Wilson from the legal department of ACS and that my account was being forwarded to the courts and that there was a law suit against my social security #! I immediately called the number he gave back [protected]) because he had my address, telephone #, date of birth and social security #. I spoke with I think her name was Michelle, she stated she was the supervisor for Zack and that Cash Net USA forwarded my account to her because I didn’t pay my balance, I tried to explain that I already made payment arrangements with the other company but she wouldn’t listen to me. She was very rude and said I’m just trying to do my job, if you don’t want to pay the balance with us you can go to court on Monday, and fight this case. I didn’t have any court notices and I told her this, she stated that was not her problem if I wanted to settle the balance with her I could make a payment of 300.00 and the account would be closed, I told her again that I already made a payment, then she said well you will just have to fight this is court. I called Cash Net after I spoke with her to get my receipt of my payment plan because I thought this was real. The woman from the payday loan said asked if the person I spoke with had a thick accent I said yes and she confirmed that this was a scam, she told me not to give them a dime and forwarded me to a compliance line, and I left a message and hopefully will get a call back. It just scares me because they have all my information.

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  • Rt
    R Tarp Jun 02, 2010

    I also received a call from a American credit services regarding a on line loan I took out along time ago...They told me I was going to lose my job, go to court and have to pay 5, 000 dollars..The India sounding guy yelled and screamed at me during the whole conversation, and kept threatenting me..He would'nt let me have a word in or say anything...He said his name was Jason James and the other name was Keith Larsen, , , their number is [protected] and when I try to call them back Verizon wireless comes on and says that number is no longer in service, or changed...Iwill be at the police station 2morrow with all the messages I have saved...then I will be at the courthouse 2morrow.they want my credit card/atm number and a letter of aplogy and 550.00 and also I will be contacting the better business bureau as well but I also called the payday loan company and the did not hire these suppposely "attorney's"

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  • Ft
    ftaz6674 Jul 21, 2009

    I just had the same exact thing happen to me...The number that came up on the caller id was [protected] the message said to call back [protected] and i spoke with a "MR EDDIE JONES" he had last 4 of my ssn, my mother and sister name and told me that i was going to be served tomorrow at my job and that Myself and My employer would be sued. He was an extremely rude man and could not give me information about the loan...I asked about the date of the loan, when the supposed communications came to me and he got more and more aggitated and informed me that he was not there for my customer service...LOL ...he then asked me where i would be tomorrow so that the investigating officer could serve me and then asked for my supervisor name and fax number, i told him if you have this loan that i defaulted on then you should have that information, I asked him if there was a payment plan available, he said at this point no and that at 5pm today it would be downloaded as a case against me and that he didnt want any money and was just calling for my attorneys informaiton..I told him i would have my attorney call them back and hung up...After reading these complaints i called back and got someone that didnt have such a strong accent and asked if Mr. Jones was there, and he was conveniently with another customr.

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  • Co
    confusedandscared Jul 16, 2009

    This same thing just happened to me and it was scary. A heavily accented man called me at work and left a message that I needed to call him back the moment I got the message or I would regret it. HIs number was [protected]. On reverse look up, the number is an unlisted phone in New York. I called back and he said this was for an unpaid pay day loan in 2008 and I was being charged with wire fraud, theft, and money laundering and that someone would be at my office on Monday to serve me with papers, arrest me, and notify my employers. He also wouldn't give me much information, but said he was with the LLC Law Office, which where the law offices for American Credit Services. When pressed, he said his office was located at 680 Green Drive, Suite 246, Sparks, NV. The call became more and more abusive until I was in a panic. He had all of my personal information, my business address, and my social security number. First he said he wasn't trying to colelct money, but then said if I sent the fax (same as eveyrone else described) and approval for an $805 payment they would not press the lawsuit. He transferred me to the finance deparment to get my credit card and when I started asking questions all they would say is "you should have asked Mr. Smith." (It sounded exactly like the man I had been talking to all along.) I hung up and "Mr. Smith" called me back to say the payment option was no longer an option and that they would be at my office on Monday. Then he slammed the phone down. I've called a lawyer.

    Has anyone ever shown up at someone's office?

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  • Up
    upsetconsumer1 Jul 09, 2009

    I received the same phone call today. They also called the management at my job. So far I have not been able to get the police to even take the report. I live in one state and work in another so I called both police departments. One told me that anybody can call and tell you anything and if you fall for it is not fraud. Another said that I had to call them while it was happening. I did report it to the ftc and will keep trying with my local police. I have read where some have fell for this and hate think of people continually get scammed. Looks like this has been happenning for a while. Apparently some company has failed to secure our personal information. I think if we make enoug noise some authority will try harder to track these people down.

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  • Ms
    Ms. Officer Jun 09, 2009

    I also was contacted by this group of ignorant, under-educated, misinformed and apparently technoligically ###ed individuals. Upon my initial conversation, I understably became upset. But, as the conversation went on red-flags were all over the place. After reading off all of my personal information, these idiots actually requested my bank account information. When I asked them what company they represent it went from The FBI to AmeriCredit to American Trade and finally American Credit Service. I took down all the numbers they gave me and told them I would call them back. I immediately looked up & contacted each company they claimed to represent. None of which had me in their system. Of course the bogus company they claimed to be from does not exist. I immediately contacted both of my attorneys. I followed their advice and contacted the FBI, FTC and AG. They (fradulent company) continued to call me with the threatening phone calls: I will be arrested, the police are on their way to my home, they are contacting my job, they placed a "block" on my DL and SSN. They even got bold enough to contact an investigator I was working with and pretended to be MY attorney. They told her they needed to verify my personal information and they needed my bank account numbers. (Hummm...if he was my attorney, wouldn't he have that information?) She called me and let me know what they had done. Long story shortened: When they called me back, I informed them of the individual entities I had contated, that I am a Law Enforcement officer (Which I am), and that my investigator found out that they are working out of Costa Rica (True)...I told him to let his non-english speaking partners in crime know that the above-mentioned organizations were involved and if they called me back there would me consequences to their actions. And I told them to never call my phone again. As of now they have not...I don't think they will.

    Ms. Officer

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  • Ga
    gasperk Jun 05, 2009

    This company hires only H1B Visa guest workers from India, indeed the founder is a former H1b visa holder who has overstayed his visa and is now here illegally.

    These people have a complete disdain for our culture & values, that is why they have no issues denigrating and threatening Americand. But the joke is on us, we invite them to come here and we don't enforce any laws that would force them to go back home.

    We will be preyed upon endlessly by these people. The money, btw, doesnt stay here in the US, it is sent to bank accounts in India where the US can't touch it, whenever they get caught. Then they post bail and fly off into the sunset, never to be seen again.

    Then they teach their sons back in India the scam. Then the sons come to America and the cycle repeats.

    We need to keep a much closer eye on India like we had to keep a close eye on the Mafia at the beginning of this century.

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  • Sn
    snuzr Jun 05, 2009

    Yesterday I received a page from work stating that a guy from "Federal Crimes Investigators" had called our office and wanted me to call him back. I did. He had a strong foreign accent and went by the name of Jeff Logan. Wary that the name of his business sounded too much like it was made up to intimidate I asked if he was in a federal law enforcement agency or any federal agency, if he was a federal employee or if he was investigating a federal crime. He evaded the questions and tried to state I owed money. I persisted and he then stated he was "enforcing" federal laws. He stated I owed money from an online loan service and that it was delinquent and I had to pay him $1245 today or else it would go to court and I would have to pay >$8000. Further, that I was subject to arrest if I didn't pay. I repeatedly asked to what loan was he referring. He would not be specific. I asked for him to give me an account number. He said he couldn't. He was very intent on having me pay immediately. I asked how I would do that and he said for me to give him my debit card number, expiration date and three number code on the back. He then wanted me to fax him a document stating it would be okay for American Credit Services to debit my card for $1245. I stated again that I needed him to fax me documents stating what I owed, to whom and why he didn't have a form for him to fax me to sign, rather than my own handwritten consent. He continued to be evasive. He knew my mothers' maiden name, my email address and my social security number. I hung up on him.

    When I got home I found numerous articles on American Credit Services on their phone scams at the following site:

    American Credit Services — Phone call regarding a supposed loan

    Even though I didn't give him any info he knew my work number, all my family info and probably already knew my card number and wanted the signed authorization and 3 digit code. I immediately canceled my debit/credit card number and moved my funds into my wife's account.

    He again called me the next day repeatedly. He threatened to call my work and have me fired. He stated "your a doctor, right? I will call your office and get you fired". Indeed, after I hung up again, he called our office and was passed on to Laura (who was forewarned by me) who told him essentially to get lost. He started yelling at her and she hung up.

    I called his number back but there was no answer. I did a reverse lookup of his phone number and it came back to Miami, FL. I called the sheriff's dept in Dade county and they passed me on to the fraud division. I told them the story. Unfortunately, they didn't seem interested in investigating it. I also contacted an attorney and he stated there is not much recourse. The attorney stated that if it was a "collections" matter, he would have to follow the fair credit reporting act. Further, it would be a civil matter, not a criminal matter and no one could arrest me. This was also backed up by the investigator in Miami. The investigator stated that they use these tactics to scare and intimidate.

    I have used that debit card to make purchases on the internet. My advise - use paypal or get a credit card just for internet purchases. I called my wife who is in Korea right now, and she stated that the chinese are very big into doing this in her country right now.

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  • Ni
    niecey May 26, 2009

    As I sit down here and write this I think I will start calling them to harass them to see what they have to say for theirself. Perhaps, I will scare them like they have scared me and I am notfying the FTCA in regards to all of this. I thought I was going to die just started crying and was so upset almost went to m job and asked for an advancement on m paycheck. So glad that i didnt do that!

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  • Ni
    niecey May 26, 2009

    OMG, I just got the same phone call today from someone named Daniel Henry [protected]. he stated I would be arrested and papers would download to my court and I wll need to be there tommorrow. He then went on to say that he would contact my employer and I would be fired. I then conctaced a lawyer and paid him a $150 and he contacted them and they becmase upset and said to him how can I be sure you are a lawyer and not a liar??? So unprefessional, my lawyer stated they can not contact my employer beucase this is against the Federal Trade Commision Act and unless my employer was the cosigner there was nothing they can do and can't tell m employer. My lawyer asked them to fax things over to him and nothing was sent to him yet. The are shooting bull and are just tring to scare people.2ab8d

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  • Ut
    Utahwoman3 May 21, 2009

    I received a call from David Jones, it was hard to understand what he was saying. He got mad when I asked to speak to someone that spoke better english. I am working with a Debt Consolidation company and could not figure out why this guy was calling and threatening me with jail and a lawsuit. I am glad to find out that it is all a scam, I am not opposed to paying what I owe.

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  • Ta
    taken4afool May 19, 2009

    Finally someone that can do something for us "little people".. If you are able to close them down I am sure everyone of us will personally thank you.. Good for you.

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  • Yo
    Yoli May 18, 2009

    I received a call on my cell phone. Then a call on my job. The caller identified himself as an attorney with American Credit Services out of California, however, the number was a Maryland area code. The caller proceeded to tell me that I was due in court because I owed an amount of 900.00+. I argued with him about this supposed pay day loan, which I never applied for and questioned why I was never notified. He tried to "verify" my information by giving me my sisters and mother's names, and the end of my ss #. I verified nothing. I'm really suspicious and out of curiosity asked him what court was I to appear in. He said a court in your state. THEN I knew it was a fraud. He went on to read the affidavit of the charges, and requested contact with my lawyer, and my lawyers bar association #. None of which I'd give. Once I began to questions his credibility he argued and hung up. Another soon called claiming to be the senior partner Joe Brown. This Brown also with a thick accent, hurled insults, telling me I knew nothing of the legal system, threatened me with jail, all the time informing me that the phone calls were recorded. Once I'd had enough of this, I began to harrass them. I called and talked to a Michael Brown, who asked if I had someone who could take care of my children once I'm in prison. I then laughed, which made him angry he hung up. The next caller was Joe Brown again, and I argued with him again, with him calling me un American however when I laughed about that he asked why was I hurt by that implication. I began having fun with it for a minute. This is nothing new to me. As I explained to every BROWN that called. I am a licensed private investigator specializing as a licensed and certified fraud examiner, and will investigate their establishment. That brought the fear of God in them and the calls stopped. I did my research. This is indeed a fraudulant company. A home based landline located in Maryland. I have reported this activity to the feds. And I'm sure they will be shut down. I wasn't lying about being an investigator, especially when he threatened to inform my employer - and I told him I AM my employer. I did make one last call to JOE BROWN, and told him that he's now messed with the WRONG individual, because if anyone is going to shut this operation down. It's going to be my company.

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  • Jo
    jo1973646 May 13, 2009

    My niece today received a telephone call. This ### told her that she owed a $3000 and to make it go away she only had to pay nearly $800.00 to settle . This person also told her I would lose my job, she would lose her job, and her mom would lose her job. First of all I am a federal employee i cannot lose my job for something personal I did not bring into the workplace, which I would never do. Second of all my niece is a professional worker, and a great employee, and third her mom is unemployed! Whoever this is needs to not just go jail, they need to be sent straight to HELL for scaring my niece. It makes me really mad whenever anyone messes with my nieces or nephews, I plan on reporting this, I do not care how long it takes I am going to find out who did this, and they will be prosecuted. In case the ### read this you should my niece has an uncle who is a COP!

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  • Am
    amuzed May 07, 2009

    Here's an idea. This happened to me too, and I've done payday loans before so I'm thinking they sold or leaked our information to this scammer. What if we all compared what companies we've done payday loans with and see if there's one that we all have in common? Then challenge that company for selling/leaking our info, file complaints etc.

    Here's another thing. This is such a common occurance and that they must be getting someone to pay them. Why hasn't there been a sting where some kind of tracing ability would get us a physical location of these clowns. Too CTUish? If we can close down the finances of terrorist can't we trace a credit card transaction?

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  • Pa
    pak May 06, 2009

    I received calls yesterday and one this morning at 6:30 a.m. (5/6/09). I am working with another company to clear up a payday loan and when they called ACS back they would not speak to them. They are called my work and was rude to the switchboard operator and told her that if I didn't return the call they would have me arrested. They also told me the same thing, but when I asked about the loan they are trying to collect on they couldn't give me any info other than I owe money.

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  • Je
    jessica ohio May 05, 2009

    i just recieved these same phone calls today at work, thenumbers were [protected] saying his name was eric, and that me or my lawyer should call immediatly. he left 4 messages on the answering service in 1/2 hour. anyways i called back and got "atty. kevin peterson. he threatened to only contact me thourgh my employeer and he would send faxs to them reguarding the matter. he made several other threats and had all of my personal info. isnt there some sort of harassment law suit we can file? if anyone knows please e-mail me at [email protected] thanks all

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  • Lu
    lucidity954 May 02, 2009

    Contact the police, the FBI, the Federal Trade Commision, the CA attorney general and your own attorney general.

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  • Cr
    crishalin Apr 30, 2009

    I received the same phone call and told Michael Davis that I would NOT pay or show up in court without legal documentation. The phone number was [protected]. When you file a police report, do you have to go to the police station? I'm a little naive, as I have never done so. Who else should I contact about this? They have all of my personal account information!

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  • Dr
    DRDRJH Apr 29, 2009

    I received several of these phone calls today from a man with a heavy middle eastern accent who claimed to be an attorney named, Jared who left me a voicemail telling me to return his call @ [protected]. The calls were from [protected]. His voicemail included my SS# and two friends of mine I use for references in legitimate business affairs. He then called my work number and a coworker of mine pretended to be me and he cussed at her and told her that a summons would be delivered to my job tomorrow and that I had to be in court Friday @ 3pm. She hung up on him. I googled the number and found that it was in Los Angeles, CA. Amazing how this is happening tomorrow and court on Friday when I live in Mississippi...LOL. He gave me the name of American Credit Services on the voicemail. I will be filing a police report in the morning, have already contacted my bank and the FTC and will also be contacting the Better Business Bureau.

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  • Ya
    yada Apr 29, 2009

    I received the very threatening voice mail today from "Alecia" with the same warning, I called the 310 phone number and a man with a strong accent answered, I asked him what creditor of mine has his company placing and leaving "threatening" voice mails for me, he told me his name was Jerry Brown and that he was an attorney, he refused to tell me the company that they were collecting for until I let him hear the voice mail!!! I IMMEDIATELY CALLED THE FTC AND FILED A FORMAL COMPLAINT. Save the voicemails everyone!!! Per the fair credit collections act, they cannot threaten, state that they are lawyers nor can they harrass without due cause.

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  • Ha
    harry morris Apr 27, 2009

    just got the call that i was going to be arrested for froud for not paying a payday loan from may of 2008 police have no record of ant court cases against me so i went on line to american credit services and here i am 37 years old just lost my job and almost had a heart attack i hope this criminal gets whats do him he sounded like he was Indian be carefull what information you give people im goingto give this info. to my cities police detectives.

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  • He
    Heather Apr 24, 2009

    I received 4 calls from them today, stating I was going to be picked up on Monday and taken to court. That I was being charged with check fruad, federal bank violations and something else. The man had such a strong middle eastern accent that I could hardly understand him. He then asked if I could confirm that last 4 digits of my social which he had. I told him no and that I would not give that info over the phone. He called me at work and on my cell. He said he needed my attorny's info and could not believe I had not already been informed that I needed one. i asked to speak to his supervisor or someone who spoke better English, he then hung up. A few minutes later another man with an accent called me and was mad I had hung up, whihch I didn't. He told me the same thing and that they were a law office. When I asked for the name of the law office he said it was " Credit Monitoring Division" I told him that was not the name of a law office. He said I had taken a payday loan out online and was in default and was going to be fined $5, 484 for it when I went to court. I told him I had never taken out a loan online but had recently checked into them. He had my mother and daughter's mane as references and said they would go to jail as well. He also knew a bank I used to bank at and my email addy. I told him it was all bull and that I had not done what he had said. I asked for thier phone and that of the number for A.C.S. he said I could not talk to ACS but gave me the following number for the "law office" [protected]. When I asked for his name he said it was Paul Smith. I then asked where they were located and all he would tell me was L.A. California. I decided to get online and check them out. I will be contacting the Attorney General and the police. Please be aware. They have our info, and I believe it was from an old payday loan that I did in person here locally.

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  • Ar
    arturo Apr 13, 2009

    It just happened to me too... I got the call from Henry Jones [protected]
    OMG...this is so scary !!!
    How do these ### know our personal info (SSN, job info, bank info, family references, etc)

    I did take one payday loan over the internet two years ago but i paid it in full and on time. Silly me, in order to do this i provided all my information to an unknown company over the internet without even talkign to a live person. My guess is that this unscrupuluos company could have sold my info to this other scam company.

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  • Ta
    taken4afool Apr 13, 2009

    I to got the same phone call from a GREG STEVENS.. But I was caught off guard and got scared into paying, but only paid 150.00 of a debt he said was over 800.00 plus.. He had all my personal information, email address, work information (which I was no longer working there), reference names I had used.. He told me I was being sued for bank fraud, internet fraud, and check fraud, They where faxing all judgments to my place of employment and I would fired.. So since I had been laid off work for 10 months I was scared to get fired from my new job I had just started less than two weeks prior.. So I paid the first amount to secure my payment plan, and of course had to send the apology letter, but I stated to them that my identity was stolen and had no clue about this loan. Pretty much a stall tactic to get more time to pay. He advised me I had 30 minutes to fax the letter, same number everyone else had to fax one to. I faxed my first letter, he called me back saying that was not good enough and I need to give my credit card info on the letter. I told him NO I would not since I was a victim of fraud as it was. He was very persistent on getting that info. So I made a payment on a credit card only used for paying old debts, so if they try to charge it money will not be there unless I put it on there for a payment. I then get a call a week later, from GREG STEVENS again, your credit card was declined and we are sending your case to court.. Ok so I continue to avoid the phone calls, I get calls at least 5 times a day, with the same message. So I am glad I read these before I called to make more payments..

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  • Ba
    Barbie Apr 08, 2009


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  • De
    Debbie Russell Apr 08, 2009

    I also have had phone calls from a man named Jimmy Mantrel from a [protected] number. He was threatened me over & over again with somebody coming & taking me right to jail as I had performed fraud & scamming. Said I didn't pay any money on a pay day loan that I had. He has also contacted one of my sons trying to get a answer from him. I have filed reports & in the process of changing my account numbers & all information. He had all my personal phone numbers, ss #, work phone & etc. He used very rude threatening tatics that it really scares you. I just found out by checking that this number is from California. BEWARE OF THIS PERSON AND ANY OTHER PEOPLE FROM THIS COMPANY. He said he was with a law firm & was working for American Credit Services.

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  • El
    Elizabeth Apr 07, 2009

    I have also recieved a call from the telephone number [protected], telling me that I owed money on a loan that was never paid back, the person was extremely rude and very unprofessional, I had no idea what he was talking about, I have contacted the BB and the Attorney General's office to contact this number, they would not give me any information about this only that I owed money.

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  • Fi
    fijimike Apr 06, 2009

    This is a SCAM! Please take all precautions.

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  • We
    wendy Apr 05, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i agree i had johnathan calling me several times a day very hard to understand asked him for americanservices number he said he would transfer me and i hung up another man called claiming to b a moanger at americanservices but the number he called from was also 1 of the numbers that johnathan called from when i questioned that he got stumbled i agree we need to stop them!

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