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Have received a dozen phone calls from this company about a prize i have won any where from 1.5 million 2.5 and 5.5 plus a new car i keep tellin them i have no money they are going to pay my credit card offso that i can use it to buy something worth 280 and send it to them he said to buy 60"smart tv and send it to kenerick anderson 515second st albeny new york 12206 i've been givi en a dozen different codes told don't talk to anyone that doesn't know the code.I live in mobile al my agent today was james eperson [protected]
Alex anderson at [protected]@g mail a dave swayer phone [protected] these are just a few of the people that have called too

May 05, 2017
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  • Ri
      Sep 07, 2017

    I too have a $17.5 million and a new Mercedes Benz to be collected within the next 8 days. The man in charge, Mr. Austin Brown has tried the "pay off my credit card" so I can send money for fees scam and get the money for me. I called a number given to me for the Bank of America in D.C. a the man answered The Bank of America, and the numbers I gave him proved to be a check that was still available. I called Mr. Brown back and stated the check was available. So far it seems that someone is making a vain attempt to swindle me out of anything I might have and definitely not an honest attempt to present me with any sweepstakes award. They now have on their answer machine a message identifying them as "The American cash awards Global sweepstakes Claims Office. Getting elaborate or just another part of the scam? Should I offer a lawyer 1% of the actual money deposited in my account (as much as $17, 000) to take over and get the job done or at least file suit and win a great deal more. Somebody needs to pay up or lose their freedom to defraud others! Any lawyers that are interested in this offer of a possibly nice big payday I still have 8 days to complete my claim on that check according to the claims manager (Mr. Austin Brown) in the ACAGS Claims office in Texas.

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  • De
      Feb 24, 2018

    ACA as this man named Jonathan Gillmore called from Jamaica telling me I won 900, 85000.I asked him how much is he going to charge me to get it? He said nothing.I said your lying.He said you need to trust me because as of Monday morning my life will change.He said hold on I will let you speak with my supervisor who Ironically sounded just like Jonathan accent and all..I told him I have no money so he said they will put money on my credit card so I can send them a fee of 500.00 for a government stamp needed to release the money to me.He gave me a confermation number and check number and his badge ID which probably all bull and told me to trust him.Also said I need to keep this very confidential until he can make the transfer of the 500.00.He Called from this number [protected] I told him your scamming me because your calling from Jamaica.He proceeded to tell me it's Jamaica New York and I said funny because that is not a New York Accent you have.So after looking up the ACA American Cash Award which by the way he told me not to look it up and that I need to trust him.He said the money will be sent to my door accompanied by three Lawyers whose name s are Linder Allen, Bobby White and his supervisors name John Peterson.Also said they are bringing a mercedes Bendz on a flat bed because I won that too.He is still calling and trying to get me to use a royalty number he gave me and Acct number as they say my next step will be to call my credit card company to pay off card.I'm not believing him.I am in disbelief that someone could do this as I am recovering from brain surgery and when I told him that I have no money because of the surgery he said he'd call me back.He called back again and that's when the scam got good and he asked me for money.I'm making this report first so they don't get away with it and second to help others in my position know that you NEVER have to pay to get Money you won and as soon as they start asking you for money it's a scam.I am toying with this man Jonathan because he thinks I'm falling for it but I am just collecting information from him so I can make this report to warn others.Please do not fall for this companies act.Hope the right steps are taken by the BBB to find these people aka professional Con Artists from Different Countries aalso a sign if your ever asked to go to Wal-Mart to send money then you should know your being scammed.Please find these people and punish them to the extent of the Law.

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