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There are jobs availiable for kids between the ages of 18 and 25 to work for traveling jobs. I attended the training for a few days and saw it first hand. I had to get out of there. This job cosists of door to door magazine sales, traveling from coast to coast. They give you a percentage of the sales you make. If you do not satisfy the managers they yell at you and put you down. They advertise all over the internet, craigslist is a big one. DO NOT do these jobs if you see an ad and hear any of the following; American Cash Awards (ACA), Face to Face Technologies (FTFT), The people do not care about you they just want their money. They drive 80 everywhere and pack the cars with 4 to 6 people more than it can hold. The kids lie to people. Do not believe a kid that says they are trying to get points to win trips and scholarships. There is no boy vs girls contest. The contest is for one kid, the one who makes the managers the most money. And the 1000 dollar scholarship is not a scholarship is is just free money for the kids to do whatever they want. The kids work all day long. Usually six days a week. This is slave driving. Do not let your kids do this. The managers brain wash the kids into thinking that the money they make is all theirs. Some of the scams are that the kids get a certain percent everyday and thirty to fifty percent goes on the books and at Christmas they get the bonus. The bonus is only 3 to 5 thousand dollars. I guarantee you that is only about an 1/8th of what they made. This sounds great when you see it, but it is scams baised on lies. I feel bad for the poor people answering thier doors. These kids are taught to lie to get what they want. At night, it is a free for all. Minors drinking. Drugs are welcome. It is horrible. Stay away from these people. They need to be stoped. I saw it first hand!

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  • Sy
      Feb 10, 2009

    Oh my gosh, I just got ripped off by one these scammers! They have come to my door in the past and the first time, I didn't answer. The second time, I told her no. This time, the third time, I answered the door by mistake (thought it was my brother) and I ended up feeling bad for the kid so I placed an order!!! I am kicking myself in the ### as I type this! About 10 minutes after he left, I got the receipt and read it. EVERYTHING HE HAD TOLD ME WAS A LIE!!! A bold faced lie!!! I was so pissed, more at myself than anything. I should have known better. I immediately put a stop pay on the check and now I'm worried about identity theft. I'm in the process of closing my checking account and opening a new one! I can't believe this! Does anyone know what will happen with the stop pay?

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  • Kr
      Apr 19, 2009

    Contact Rebecca Wild at the State of Colorado Attorney Generals office, [protected]. This company is being investigated and I'm sure the more complaints they get the better.

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  • On
      Feb 11, 2010

    The scam continues in California! I was just visited this morning (approximately 10:45 am on 11 Feb 2010) in the 5-Cities area on the Central Coast of California by a young girl named "Sierra" claiming she was meeting "fun & friendly" people and asking about their careers in order to get over the fear of public speaking. She said she was in a contest to meet as many people as possible and the winner with the most points gets a trip of their choice to anywhere in the world. And, she was in 2nd place! She said that my neighbor recommended that she should talk to me because I was nice and friendly.

    It wasn't until AFTER talking jovially for 10 - 15 minutes about careers and world travel that she pulled out the "points" card with magazine listings. But first, she asked if I liked karaoke! I had to ask her for the price list. I had to ask her for a card from the company (which was folded in half in a plastic envelope and could have been printed at a local copy shop). There was no information to leave me from the company. There was no picture ID of the seller. When I started questioning her, she became hostile and walked out of my house slamming my door. She yelled at me for wasting 30 minutes of her time. It was slightly scary and very unpleasant.

    I immediately went next door to my neighbor to verify the girl's story, which was a LIE. Then I went back home to "do some research." And then I called my local police department to report her.

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  • Le
      Aug 09, 2012

    08/09/2012 Well I was scamed at work, NSD TOLD i HAD JUST WON 2 MILLION DOLLARS! "YEAH right!!!they had my name and said they had drew my name from Wal-Mart, NOT TRUE!!! but I called Wal-Mart and cxl my card...first call was just a little after 8 am and 3 more calls followed after that. tHEY WOULD NOT STOP, THEY HAD MY ADDRESS TO WHERE i AM EMPLOYED. from my caller ID, (I am a receptionist) I was able to write down the number they were calling from, [protected]. I advise the owner of the Company, and alerted the IT manager, so that he could call verizon, I have just read that this scam also charges thousands of dollars to your last 2 calls I did recieve I told these freaks I was calling my local police department. ...NO HARM INTENTED TO ANYONE'...these people, 1 lady and 3 men cal differnt voices, they had a accent, like they from India

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