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American Automobile Association / / the entire experience from reporting my tow to receiving it.

1 San Bernardino, CA, United States

It all started when I called to report that I needed a tow. The person I spoke with said that the tow may not be covered because I was not on a paved road. I advised the person I spoke with that I was informed that the road must be on the map. I advised the person I spoke with that we got towed out there and it was not a problem to drop the vehicle at its current location. I also advised that my mother had received a flat tire change through AAA at the same exact spot and there were no problems because the road we were on was on the map. I don't appreciate being told different thing by multiple people within the same company. Everyone should be on the same page. After that unpleasant conversation, I received a call from the company that was supposed to give me the tow and they were a good 2 hours away in NorCal. The person I reported the tow to got my location wrong and it took over 3 hours to correct it and receive the tow. Once that got corrected the poor customer service did not end there. I just received a tow and the tow truck driver, Alonso, tried to charge me for 15 miles over the 100 miles for RV tows that are covered by AAA. We both reset our trips and I followed behind him the entire way to the drop off zone. I brought to Alonso's attention that my trip only said 102. Alonso said that I recorded less milege because of the size of tires I have on my vehicle. Alonso said that because I put bigger tires on my vehicle, I record less mileage because it takes longer to rotate compared to the stock tire. I advised Alonso that he was incorrect and that if anything I would record more miles because it takes longer to complete one rotation with a larger tire. I advised Alonso that the engine is geared to the stock tire so the revolutions on the larger tire are equal to more than one revolution of the larger tire, therefore the mileage would be more. Alonso told me that I was incorrect and I could ask any mechanic and it would prove in his favor. I advised Alonso I am a mechanic and I am fully aware of how vehicles work. I refused to pay more than the navigation since there was a discrepancy between our miles. What I did not like is that even before we left, I advised Alonso how far the navigation said it was and Alonso said the navigation is ALWAYS wrong. Alonso said when comparing navigation to actual driven miles, the miles you drive will ALWAYS be more. I did not like that. Then at the end of the tow, the miles just to happen to be over the navigation. This tow truck driver was EXTREAMLY unprofessional. I have NEVER experienced such customer service where the other person was arguing with me. The tow truck driver was basically telling me I didn't know what I was talking about. I expect people to be professional when they are in the customer service industry.

American Automobile Association /
American Automobile Association /
American Automobile Association /

Mar 20, 2017

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