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I am beyond disappointed with the service I received from aaa, today my car broke down rather then calling my insurance company to tow me, I thought I called the better option by calling AAA, well I was wrong, the first agent told me a hour and 15 mins, I called at 9 so when 10:15 came along I called back the next rep stated 11:09 . I advised the rep I have two small children and it's very cold and all the stores around me are closed.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Jacksonville, FL 11:09 past, I called back the next rep stated he will be coming from green cove springs which is a good distance from Jacksonville fl and he'll be here in another 45 minutes, I asked to speak to a manager who name is max and he was no help at all, so what is the point of continuing my membership with a company who doesn't give a damn about the safety of there members. I need the same urgency you provide to me constantly sending me emails about renewing my policy as it comes to getting a tow truck out here to help. Now it's 11:40 and no tow truck in sight.. 11:48 it's getting colder and my two sons are tired and cold

Jan 12, 2017

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