American Automobile Association / AAA.comreimbursement issues

On August 3rd, 2017 my tire blew off on the highway heading out to Rancho Cucomanaga. I called a tow company in the middle of the night and they gave me a very unreasonable quote. I waited until the morning and called my mom who is a Triple A member. Your company stated since I was out of the state lines they couldn't help since she is a member in Nevada. We are from Las Vegas. The agent stated I can enroll as a member tow the car and be reimbursed. I agreed and became a member that day. Triple contacted the tow company and helped me find a tire place in the area. I was relieved they were helping even though I went back and forth between many team members of Triple A over a three hour period. Every agent stated the same that I would be reimbursed. I finally filed my claim and there was an issue retrieving the receipts. Once I finally received everything i sent over and followed up 5 weeks later and they stated it would take 5 weeks. I followed up again after the holidays only to find out I can not be reimbursed only if it was 48 hours after being a member. Not one person informed me of this as I would have never used your service. I would like someone to contact me immediately about this issue.

Krista Farrell
(702) 306.2582

Jan 30, 2018

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