American Automobile Association / AAA.comcustomer service when I made a service call

I made a phone at 7pm for towing. They gave me two hour window. It was 820 I called back to see who my towing was assigned. The agent who answered lilia told me she cannot give me any information and said just wait until you hear from anyone. I asked her can I get at least get company name or phone number rudely answered no mam. You have to call us again if you dont hear from them. I was so disappointed for aaa service. Now its 835pm we still in cold sitting and waiting for a call. I have called previously and agent did give us info who and when service will be there. How rude of lilia just to say wait for 2 hours then call back to aaa again. Ridiculous service just refund our membership.

Rozlin nisha

Jan 26, 2017

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