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Peralta New Mexico, United States

This is a copy of the Email I sent to a AAA provider.
I brought my recently purchased 2002 Honda CRV to your shop for maintenance and estimate for any repairs needed. You checked my vehicle and told me I needed front struts, crankshaft seal and Serpentine belt replaced. You found these items because you also checked belts, hoses and performed lube, which I was told include a check on filters, fluids etc. I initially brought back my air filter which had debris attached? You assured me that the air filter was in fact checked during the routine maintenance check, despite the debris, the filter was not in need of replacement. This morning I was checking my fluids and much to my surprise, the cap for the radiator refill reservoir was missing? In its place was a cap from a plastic bottle, too big for the opening, so it appears tinfoil was used to fill in the extra space? My question is this, how did your technician check fluids and not find the over sized cap and abundance of tinfoil? The refill opening, as you are aware is on TOP of the radiator? It did not require any searching to find, the tinfoil was easy to spot. You are supposed to be AAA approved? I believe in giving benefit of the doubt, I cannot find any reasonable excuse for the cap .In a two week period I spent $2300 at your garage. Unless you can give me a plausible reason, I will have no choice but to contact AAA.

Jan 29, 2017

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