American Automobile Association / / asking for more money after 2 months for a policy I already paid in full for.

Southfield, MI, United States

I renewed my policy in august, got a new quote and paid in full the same day.
Now last week i get a call you owe $117 and your policy will be cancelled if you don't pay that.
This is cheating, I paid the price I was told by and I should not be paying anything else now till Feb 25 2019 .
Kindly help me understand where did 1177 came from and why was I not told about this during the quote ?????
Isn't this cheating?????

  • Updated by Vishut Dhar, Oct 22, 2018


    Hope you are having a great day,
    I renewed my policy in August, got a new quote and paid in full,
    Now I get a call last week saying I owe AAA $117 for the policy I already paid for.
    I contacted AAA and they said We might have made a mistake, you have to pay the amount

    Now tell me what is that.
    I will never renew my insurance with AAA and never recommend AAA to anyone...

    Thank you

Oct 22, 2018

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