American Airlineslack of customer service

I bought 2 tickets from Florida to Auckland, New Zeeland a couple of weeks ago. I attempted to have one upgraded to business class using accrued Aadvantage miles. I was told there was no available seats in business so I took the next best thing which was an aisle seat in coach. Now the flights are being changed and I have been placed in a center seat which will require me to climb over whoever is in the aisle seat at least once an hour and stand in the aisle. When I contacted customer service the response was "Too bad, so sad." This is the third time American has done this to me and the last time I had bought first class seats but ended up flying from Texas to Florida in coach a day earlier than my original flight, at my expense. How is this airline still in business. It's certainly not from customer service but because they wait until after the 24 hour grace period before contacting you with their amended seating/flight schedule. Then you can't get out of the flight without added expense. AA Ref#1-[protected] I need either an aisle seat or upgraded to business class.

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