American Airlines / damaging my luggage all the time

United States

Now I totally understand why American Airlines is going bankrupt. American Airlines, you suck. You not only lost my luggage going on my vacation but you lost it again when I arrived home. To add insult to injury not one person in your claims department at JFK really did not give a s*# t about my problem. Not only will I never use American Airlines again but I am willing to pay double for my next trip just to avoid using this non caring don’t give a grap airline. I’m tired of airlines losing my luggage, and this isn’t the first time.

I was on an international flight that ended with LAX-San Diego final destination. The flight was cancelled and I had to wait in LA several hours until UA determined there were no sits available in the next flights and I had to ride in a bus to San Diego. Instead of arriving in San Diego at 11:30pm, I arrived at 5am. My luggage was damaged and I was at the exhausting point of stress where my blood pressure went to extreme numbers. I would like to file a complaint and request reimbursement for my losses. I have pictures of my damaged luggage and my return ticket/luggage papers.

Please let me know what is the best way to file and what type of documents you need to review.


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