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All of the people in here don't have a clue how an electric company work... let me explain...It doesn't matter who's your electric provider, it could be; txu, direct energy, ambit, etc...the people that read the meter is ONCOR. Oncor are the people that own all the meters, poles, and wires in ur area...for cities in the south could be CP, or AEP texas, cities in the north could be TNMP.. They read the meters and send the usage to your electric provider..The electric provider just bills you for the usage... Depending on what plans ya'll have with them...with ambit... they have a 12month, 24month, 6month term plans... they also have a ambit standard energy plan..and a variable plan... you are put in a variable plan if u don't renew ur term plan... if u don't renew your term plan as soon as ur contract expires you are put in a variable rate..of course at a higher rate 14cents/kwh or even 16cents per kwh... AMBIT sends you letters, and even calls you to let u know that your contract is about to expire..if u don't renew your term plan, IT IS UR FAULT!!!... if u don't get the letters, its not AMBIT'S fault they are not responsible for the cities post office...if u get a high invoice, it's not AMBITS FAULT... they are just billing you for the reading ONCOR provides to them... they are just billing you for the usage you used each month.. now if u get's not ambit energy's fault... ITS YOU AS THE CUSTOMERS FAULT... AMBIT sends you disconnection letters and calls you to let u know when is the last day to make a pmnt to avoid interruption of svc and addtl fees... Yes, they don't offer extensions but they do offer Payment Arrangements... if u rather pay something else, like cable bill, cell phone bill, clothes, beer, go out to the club, then to pay your electricity bill IT'S UR FAULT!!!...don't blame the company for the way you don't know how to budget your money... and when you are put on a AMBIT STANDARD ENERGY PLAN energy rate of prob 15cent or 16cents per kwh, its bc there has been 2disco orders in the past's in the terms and conditions...READ THEM!!!... it's also on the disconnection letters READ THEM!!!... and when people say they use the same electricity as last month...come on!!...How do ya'll know that??? lol ...

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  • Ja
      8th of Apr, 2017

    No. Ambit are a bunch of crooks. After my contract was up, I canceled my services with them. They kept my security deposit after they reassured me that some of it will go to my last bill and what ever is left they will mail it to me in check form. My last bill charges were $39 for energy charge which was for 13 days, 5.94 for oncor, 5.29 for taxes and fees and 122.98 for current miscellaneous charges!! which no one can give me an answer on what EXACTLY is current miscellaneous charges. So, they kept my 160 dollar deposit to use towards the last bill plus I still owe them 11 dollars because my total bill was 173.57. It does not make any sense especially my bill every month varied from 100 to 120 which I don't get why especially for the fact I was barely home but thats another story. So idc the are #### and alot of people who I personally know who use to have Ambit had a bad experience as well.

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