AmbienteDirect.combroken and missing table top never replaced, no refund

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Buyers and potential buyers please be alerted! I purchased a Knoll Tulip marble table end of Jan 2009 for more than Euro 5, 490+ from this German retailer and it said it took 4 to 6 week to arrive. After continuous tracing, it said the marble top was broken so it would have to re-order. 3 months have passed and when I finally finished renovation and moved into my new flat, nothing has happened. In May after frequent phones and email tracing, finally it arrived on May 25th, which was 5 good months after I placed the order. However, the parcel was severely damaged. Hong Kong Post Office conducted a on site inspection and found out that "the packing materials used were not adequate to protect the contents against any unavoidable friction or shock during the course of transmission through the post. On the other hand, the missing part of the marble table (top) could not be retrieved at our concerned section."

After dozens of email correspondences and phone calls, the company's attitude was consistently "non-responsive, not responsible, no accountability and DELAY". It seems that the inter communication was nonexistent either. Neither was there a management on top of the situation, nor did anyone have any idea or at least cared about what happened.

Their most frequent responses were "We'll get back to you soon" or "We'll call you tomorrow." but tomorrow often translated to days, if not weeks, and most of the time, with absolutely no response at all.

Ambientedirect has promised to take back the crap table base under my strong demonstration, but it took more than 6 weeks, only after I told them I'll post the story over the complaint board and file official dispute with Knoll did they begin to move. The coordination with DHL was a nightmare too. I had someone waiting at home for the pick up, but no one showed up and when we called DHL, Ambiente did not inform them about the shipment at all! Therefore, I had to call Ambiente again to "remind" them to instruct DHL to schedule the pick-up. Finally, this morning the crap table base was picked up and returned to Germany. They promised to give the money back on the day of the pick up, but not surprisingly, nothing happened.

I placed the order at the beginning of 2009, and now the year was half over, my new home finished, I moved in, and yet the dining table that I spent a good fortune for never arrived. And worst off, I had wasted so much energy and precious time on negotiating for something that should've been done professionally. It's like a horror movie replaying itself for 6 months!

I think potential buyers should be alerted and highly discouraged to shop anything from this vendor. It is not trust worthy, not professional the least and they conducted business in a very dishonest way.

Funny, they have been advertising as Europe's leading supplier of modern home living and furniture. If this is true, I really worry about Europe or Germany whatever it meant. I hope this is a company specific event.

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      Oct 27, 2009

    i fully agree with the complaints posted.
    i ordered 3 raimond lamps of total over 4000 eur to be delivered but has never got any delivery info.
    after several requests i get an email back asking me to send a copy of my passport and credit card, for security reasons. this smells like a scam operation.
    it is not well over 4 weeks and still no info or communication from the company.
    i am contacting my lawyer in germany.

    My advice is DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY - it looks like a scam operation or extremely badly managed.
    thomas engstrom

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      May 10, 2010

    Placed order the 31 of march 2010, a table and 2 chairs 914, 00 eur! They took the money on 13 of april. Like this person who complained here, I never received anything. They don't answer to my emails. I informed my credit card company and wait for some solution. Don't do business with those people!

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